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Dagostino Florida Double Memory Foam Mattress

Believe it or not, the ideal mattress must come with more than just a soft material to ensure a night of quality sleep. A mattress is considered perfect and high-end if it features most new mattress technologies that help us sleep better and keeps us comfortable. As such, the Dagostino Florida Memory Foam Mattress comes with what the manufacturer describes as maximum advanced technology – namely, a high-end mattress with a rather modernist design that can fit everyone out there. The main feature of the memory foam mattress for double bed is its breathable and reversible second side of the mattress, which is also made from 3D Tissue equipped with Self-Regulating Body Temperature technology.

Ensures Hotel-Like Comfort

This memory foam mattress for double bed is ideal for the hot months of summer, as it creates a constant flow of air within the mattress that keeps the material cool and prevents the appearance of smells. This double memory foam mattress is ideal for the hot months of summer, as it creates a constant flow of air within the mattress that keeps the material cool ensuring a fresh sleeping surface. Lastly, hotel-like comfort is provided by the impressive characteristics of the memory foam itself. For example, the double memory foam mattress comes with a very soft orthopedic reception, as well as with controlled firmness. The layer of memory foam that you can actively enjoy with the Florida mattress is roughly 4 cm thick – more than enough for comfortable sleep.

Increased Softness and Durability

The softness and durability of the double memory foam mattress are ensured by the multi-zone padding that almost all Dagostino mattresses enjoy. This particular double memory foam mattress model features 7 different comfort zones that are built with your body in mind. As such, the area of the mattress where your bottom rests is firmer, while the areas where you lay your head and neck are progressively softer, to provide those parts of your body with a more delicate reception. The inner firmness of the memory foam mattress for double bed is provided by the Aliforme core that has a density of 33 kg. of high resistance. This also ensures the product’s excellent durability!

Features to Consider

  • A Breathable and reversible second side
  • 3D tissue with self-regulating body temperature tech
  • Soft orthopedic reception
  • Sleeper independence
  • Multi-zone padding – 7 different comfort zones
  • Aliforme core
  • Optimal adaptability to avoid muscle tension and to promote healthy sleep
  • Anti-mite, anti-mould, antibacterial, anti-allergic, and antistatic treatment
  • OEKO TEX certified.

What Customers Say

Given that Dagostino is quite a famous brand when it comes to mattresses. On top of that, most – if not all – of its users stated that their sleep improved after purchasing this double memory foam mattress. Do you want to find out what other Dagostino Florida Memory Foam mattress users said? Read these Amazon reviews! Some reported that the memory foam mattress for double bed is firmer than advertised. In short, while they may have preferred a softer mattress, they don’t deny that the Florida mattress improved their sleep! A lot of users skipped the soft-firm aspect of the mattress and simply stated that it is very comfortable, and they don’t regret the purchase.

Final Thoughts

The Florida memory foam mattress from Dagostino is the ideal choice for your bedroom – or even for your living room. No matter where you place it, both you and your guests can enjoy it and take advantage of the numerous benefits it comes with!