Dormeo Mattress Review

Dormeo Mattress Review

Aren’t you tired of the old, terrible mattress that makes you feel like sleeping on a hot rock? Not all mattresses are able to give you the level of comfort that you want, and if you end up spending your money on a poor-quality mattress, you’ll regret it. But thankfully, there are still products like the Dormeo Memory Plus mattress – this has proven to be a popular item after winning the “Best Buy” award from Which? It’s one of the mattresses that won’t disappoint you if you are looking for comfort and firmness. However, if you want to know more about this mattress before figuring out whether it would be a good investment or not, this guide will give you the information you need.


  • It was manufactured according to the greatest standards in Italy – Tuscany. The cover is also designed in accordance with a high-quality Italian style.
  • The mattress has won many awards from “Which?”, respectively the “Best Buy” award thanks to its benefits.
  • The Ecocell foam used in its design is breathable and doesn’t allow room for overheating.
  • It can be rotated, so there’s no need for flipping it.
  • For customers who have a sensitive sleep and wake up at the slightest disturbance, this mattress comes with motion transfer reduction – thus, you’ll not be able to feel the other person’s movements while asleep.
  • The cover of the mattress has been provided with Sanitized protection. This means that you won’t come in contact with bacteria and dust mites. This way, you will be sleeping in a healthy, hygienic environment.
  • The product will be ready for delivery by being rolled and vacuum packed – this is yet another eco-friendly feature.
  • The Dormeo mattress has two foam layers, each of different foam types, respectively memory foam and Ecocell foam. Combined, they give the sleeper support, balance, and a breezy feel.
  • It adapts to any body shape and it relieves pressure.


  • Despite being rolled into a box for shipping, unpacking it and leaving it for some hours will allow it to revert to its original, plump shape.
  • If you’re suffering from allergies, this mattress will be beneficial for you as it has a sanitized protection that won’t let dust mites or bacteria live inside the material.
  • If your partner won’t stop tossing over during the night, this mattress will make sure you don’t feel any of the movements, so you’ll experience no disturbance.
  • You don’t have to flip the mattress – rolling it will be enough.


  • The product has proven to be reliable as it has won the “Which? Best Buy” awards more than once.
  • The mattress is available in multiple sizes to fit more types of beds.
  • With this mattress, your body will get the support it needs. You will sleep in a healthy and comfortable position, as the mattress will allow it.
  • The temperature of your body will be kept at the normal levels thanks to an increase in airflow given by the top layer of the product.


  • It can successfully aid your blood circulation.
  • This mattress can also boost muscle regeneration.
  • It comes with a fifty-year guarantee.


  • It can be a little smelly after arrival.
  • It’s a little shorter and narrower compared to a standard double mattress.


When all your hopes for good, restful sleep are gone, you have to turn to the reputable Dormeo brand and solve all your issues. This memory mattress can brush away all your discomfort and pains, and ensure you’ll be filled with energy and happiness the next day.

One of the greatest things about this mattress is its elasticity. You can lay on it, and it will shape according to your body, making sure you sink in the mattress while feeling no pressure. At the same time, it will return to its initial shape when you’re not sitting on it – so, you don’t have to worry about it changing its shape for the worst over time. The high-quality memory material was originally designed by NASA, and it is able to remember your body temperature and shape in order to give you a better sleep.

Also, overheating is a possible scenario, given that your body is constantly rubbing against the mattress material. However, this is a product that can put an end to that thanks to its increase in air flow. Your skin can breathe freely and sweat won’t be retained at all.

Moreover, this mattress is very soft but also has enough firmness to make sure you have a healthy spinal position that doesn’t affect the quality of your sleep. It also has a fifteen years guarantee, promising to last very long without forcing you to shop for another mattress anytime soon. If you want to treat yourself with an innovative mattress, this product is certainly suitable.


In case you are not convinced or you would like to see similar products before coming to a decision, let’s take a look at the Simba Hybrid Mattress. Made in the UK, this mattress is available in more sizes to suit lots of beds. Furthermore, it has won many awards, which is not surprising given it has five whole layers that offer outstanding comfort. It also has free shipping, and if somehow the product does not meet your standards, you can always return it within the 100 Night Trial. You will also get a full refund, so don’t worry.

If you want a mattress with no motion transfer, comfort like never before and excellent breathability, settle for the Simba Hybrid Mattress and you will get what you desire.


Dormeo is a very loved and reputable brand, so the products they have to offer are carefully manufactured and of high-quality. Its layers incorporate a lot of comfort, softness, support and anti-bacterial features, so you’re bound to have a good night’s sleep. If not, you can return the product and get your money back. So, take all the features, advantages and disadvantages into consideration, and decide if this is the product of your dreams.