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Ej. Life Bamboo Fibre Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam 9 Zone

How many times have you woken up with your back hurting and your shoulders stiff, unable to move properly due to pain? When you sleep in an uncomfortable position, particularly with your spine not appropriately aligned, the chances of you waking up in pain are fairly high. This is why you need to ensure that you sleep in a correct position so that you wake up well-rested and ready for the day ahead. This can happen with an orthopaedic mattress –  this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress from Ej Life Mattress has proven to be reliable. No matter if you have back problems or not, or whether you sleep alone or not, it will ensure that you will get a good night sleep.

The Orthopaedic Support System

So what makes a mattress orthopaedic? An orthopaedic mattress is a mattress that has been designed to support your joints, back and overall body. An orthopaedic mattress has been influenced by the medical study of orthopaedics which focuses on disorders or deformities of the spine and joints. Orthopaedic mattresses have been created to combat the problems such as a bad back or joints by providing a firm mattress which offers tailored support. Thanks to the pocket spring technology, this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress gives your body the right support it needs with each spring. As the spring coils have been wrapped individually in their own pockets, they are not interconnected – and therefore, will give you all the support that you need.

The Freshness of Bamboo

Do you often wake up feeling as your mattress has a burning feeling underneath you? Older style mattresses tend to trap heat causing you to sweat during the night, this creates an uncomfortable sleeping environment. However, this Ej. Life Bamboo Fibre Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam 9 Zone is made using natural bamboo fibre, its breathability has increased tenfold. Thanks to the proprieties of bamboo fibre, this memory foam bamboo mattress has superior antibacterial, deodorizing, anti-acne, anti-ultraviolet, colouring, resilience, drape and abrasion resistance than other fibres. It absorbs moisture quickly, has good gas permeability, degradability, and has a good flame retardant effect so overall it has some impressive properties.


  • Made with natural bamboo fibre
  • Has the ability to absorb moisture quickly
  • Excellent gas permeability with a fire-retardant effect
  • Soft and moderate surface
  • Supportive pocket spring interior
  • Memory foam moulds after your body and gives you the support that you need
  • Ability to eliminate odours, resist bacteria and mildew, and purify the air
  • EJ Life Mattress
  • Memory foam bamboo mattress

Customer Reviews

Many users that slept on this memory foam bamboo mattress compared it to nothing more and nothing less than a soul mate. After only sleeping for a few days on this memory foam bamboo mattress, most people said that their back pain went away and that they wake up feeling more refreshed than ever. Click here to read reviews on Amazon and find more info about this mattress. They also say that they are amazed about the comfort of this EJ life Mattress, considering it is an affordable model. Each spring provides individual support, which is why there is no-motion transfer – making it a great choice if you tend to toss and turn a lot. The top cover of this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress can be removed if you want to wash it. However, to prevent the premature decay of the mattress, people recommend that you use it together with a liner.

Final Thoughts

If you have allergy problems or need something that helps with relieving back pain, this could be the mattress for you. Considering the price that it is sold at, it is undoubtedly a mattress model to keep on your best mattress list.