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Ej. Life Mattress Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam

Have you ever woken up with your body feeling stiff, in too much pain for you to get out of your bed? Was your back the part of your body that hurt the most? This might be because the mattress that you are currently sleeping on does not offer you the support that you need. You need a mattress that contours around your body – to make you feel like your body is part of the mattress. This Ej Life Mattress Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam has proven to be a very good choice, particularly considering its supportive nature and design. It is very comfortable to sleep on – while remaining firm enough to keep your spine straight.

Individually Wrapped Spring Coils

In a way, you may say that pocket sprung mattresses are similar to regular spring mattresses – except they are better. With your standard spring mattresses, each spring is connected via a metal liner. As a result, whenever you press over a specific set of springs, the ones that are near will also be triggered into moving, in fact, they all move a little bit causing motion-transfer. This action risks waking up your partner from their sleep.

However, this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam uses the latest pocket sprung technology – this means that each spring has its own pocket of fabric, each spring is individually wrapped and moves independently from the spring next to it = NO motion-transfer. This will isolate its movement, and it will make the pocket sprung mattress with memory foam not only quieter but also resistant to motion transfer. Whenever you wake up or toss around in bed, your partner will not be disturbed during sleep.

The Proper Spinal Support

It’s safe to say at some point in life, most of us work with body pain. This usually happens when you sleep in an incorrect position – or more accurately when your spine is not correctly aligned. Still, with its pocket sprung technology, this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam can contour around your body – supporting every part of you while ensuring that you stay comfortable. Plus, the memory foam that also contours around the shape of your body will contribute to that support. So, it will allow your spine to remain straight.


  • Pocket sprung interior
  • Memory foam layer
  • Double sized mattress
  • 9-Zone pressure relief
  • Medium-Firm
  • Hypoallergenic, anti-mites, anti-dust, skin-friendly
  • Breathable surface cover
  • 3-year warranty
  • 100-night trial

The Popular Customer Opinion

Almost every UK user that has purchased this pocket sprung with memory foam mattress claimed that this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam was beyond comfortable. It is highly supportive and can easily support any pressure point of your body – from your neck down. Some have mentioned that the memory foam layer could have been a bit thicker, but overall, it is not a deal-breaker – and it is mostly a matter of preferences. You can also read reviews by checking out the product on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Finding a good, supportive mattress can be a very challenging task – but with this Ej. Life pocket sprung mattress with memory foam, people, seem to be very content. This Ej Lie mattress is very supportive while remaining comfortable. This is a quality that many people much appreciate. It is a mattress that is sure to give you a good night’s sleep – one that is fit for kings and queens.