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Ej. Life Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam

Comfort is always something that we ultimately seek when we get home. Without a comfortable and supportive mattress, our spine may end up in the wrong position – a position that can cause a lot of back pain. You probably agree if you are the kind of person to constantly wake up with a stiff neck and pain in your back – the type of pain that can last for days. This is precisely why the Ej Life Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam | Breathable Fabric 9-Zone Support grew in terms of popularity. Made with a mix of springs and memory foam, it offers both comfort and support. Using superior technology, you should be able to sleep much better on this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam.

The Support of Pocket Springs

Many mattresses today use an innerspring liner coil system. These are interconnected springs that are durable with a traditional feel. The problem is that while these mattresses are cheap, you can feel every movement that your partner makes during sleep. Not to mention they generally cause you pressure point discomfort. While this Ej Life pocket sprung mattress with memory foam does use coil springs – it uses the latest pocket sprung technology. This means that the springs are individually wrapped in their own pockets, sewn in the mattress but not interconnected. Each spring is independent, which means that there will be no-motion transfer. Your partner may toss and turn however much they want, as the springs will offer you individual support.

The Comfort of Memory Foam

Spring mattresses can be uncomfortable to sleep on, as they put pressure on your back & joints. However, this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam, that is not an issue anymore. Thanks to a very generous layer of memory foam over the springs, completely shielding you from any discomfort. Add the pocket sprung technology into the mix and this pocket sprung mattress with memory foam will give you support while ensuring that you remain as comfortable as possible. This pocket sprung mattress with memory foam is very comfortable as well as breathable. Not only does it wicks away all the sweat that might occur during the night, but it allows your skin to stay fresh – therefore, ensuring a reasonable temperature. During summer, it will prevent your body from heating up, whereas during winter it will ensure that your body stays warm.


  • Pocket sprung mattress with individually wrapped spring coils
  • Memory foam surface that reduces pressure point pain
  • Breathable material and fabric cover
  • Ultra-quiet spring action
  • No motion transfer, as it is shock absorbent
  • Pressure release construction
  • Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, and moisture-absorbing

The Popular Customer Opinion

As you may find out by reading reviews on Amazon, many people have an excellent opinion regarding this Ej life mattress. They say that not only is it very comfortable, but it also looks great as well. It’s perfect for most types of sleepers, even if you tend to sleep on your side, your back, or your stomach. They also say that it will take a few hours until the mattress recovers to its full size.

Final Thoughts

According to many users, this Ej life mattress is undoubtedly a good choice. It’s comfortable, it provides support – and essentially, it ensures that you get a proper good night’s sleep. Say goodbye to back pain in the morning, as this product will keep your spine straight.