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Happy Beds Majestic Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung

If you want a pocket sprung mattress made in the UK, then you should look at this Happy Beds Majestic Orthopaedic 1000 Pocket Sprung. This fantastic 1000 pocket sprung mattress was made to conform to British Safety Standards and is also fire retardant. This 1000 pocket sprung mattress has flag stitched side handles; if you are moving houses or just need to move the mattress to a different room for various reasons, it will be easier to take it to carry it thanks to these side handles. This 1000 pocket sprung mattress comes in multiple sizes and can improve the quality of your sleep.

Available mattress sizes:

  • 2 feet 6 inch (Small Single):
    Length: approx. 190 cm; Width: approx. 75 cm
  • 3 feet (Single):
    Length: 190 cm; Width: 90 cm
  • 4 feet (Small Double):
    Length: approx. 190 cm; Width: approx. 120 cm
  • 4.6 feet (Double):
    Length: approx. 190 cm; Width: approx. 135 cm
  • 5 feet (King Size):
    Length: approx. 200 cm; Width: approx. 150 cm
  • 6 feet (Super King Size):
    Length: approx. 200 cm; Width: approx. 180 cm

Pocket Sprung System of 1000 Individual Springs

A major benefit of this mattress is the pocket sprung system being used. To put it simply, this mattress has many pocket springs, respectively 1000. Each one is individually wrapped, and this system will improve your sleep each night. How? Well, by providing support.

Each spring will work independently from the other, working to support your body and keep in a healthy sleeping position. To make sure this is possible, your back and joints will be adequately supported ensuring you will experience no pain thanks to 1000 individually wrapped pocket springs. Their firmness is enough to keep your spine aligned and prevent potential pain. Besides, this system will make sure there is less bouncing and thus, there will be fewer chances of you feeling your partner move during the night. Consequently, your sleep will be uninterrupted.

Hypoallergenic for Less Sneezing

Allergies can be annoying, particularly during your sleep. This is why the luxurious damask fabric of the mattress has hypoallergenic properties – this means that none of the fillings inside the 1000 pocket sprung mattress has allergy-inducing fibres. Potential allergens won’t stick to the mattress, ensuring that you will not have to endure constant sneezing or any other symptoms during your sleep. The air vents inside the 1000 pocket sprung mattress increases breathability overall and more than that, offer you a cooling sensation. Being breathable will also ensure that your mattress remains dry.


  • Hypoallergenic damask fabric
  • Air vent system
  • 1000 individual pocket springs
  • Less motion transfer
  • Hand-tufted
  • Flag-stitched side handles
  • Made in the U.K.
  • Fire retardant
  • Medium-firm mattress

What Customers Had to Say About the Mattress

Customers were pleased with the quality of this Happy Beds Mattress. (read the latest reviews on Amazon) They said the 1000 pocket sprung mattress can offer plenty of comforts. Buyers also praised the back pain-relieving properties of the 1000 pocket sprung mattress; this mattress helped them sleep better, waking up without back pain. As a result of the multiple positive reviews, this Happy Beds pocket sprung mattress has a high overall rating.

Final Thoughts

You can rest assured that this Happy Beds 1000 pocket sprung mattress will change your life for the better, keeping you comfortable and getting rid of your back pain