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Inofia Handcrafted Cloud Memory Foam Mattress and Pocket Sprung

These days, mattress shopping is easy to do online where you can choose your mattress according to what you want or need in a mattress. A memory foam mattress is not only a comfortable mattress but it also offers you the support you need. The Inofia Handcrafted Cloud Memory Foam Mattress and Pocket Sprung review will give you an idea of what you may be looking for in your next mattress purchase.

Why Choose a Memory Foam Mattress Pocket Sprung?

When it comes to comfort, everyone has their own requirements. What is good for one person, may not be good or comfortable for another. In addition to comfort, one must consider the weight that a mattress will have on it. Memory foam is used to create a softer more comfortable feel when you lay down on it. The foam moulds the body of the person laying down on it. This takes the pressure off of areas that may otherwise experience pressure and possible pain, such as shoulders and hips. It will also align the spine so that the lower back and hips, as well as the neck, is supported in a comfortable way.

The Benefits of this Inofia Handcrafted Cloud Memory Foam Mattress and Pocket Sprung

  • The mattress is handcrafted using high-quality materials. These materials including premium Jacquard fabric and tufting that provides not only comfort but allows the body temperatures to be controlled while you sleep, thanks to being breathable.
  • If you have a difficult time finding a position in which you can fall asleep, this memory foam mattress pocket sprung will be a good investment for you. There are pressure points around the body that can cause pain and aches throughout the night if you stay in one position for a while. The pressure isn’t felt because the mattress is made to conform to your body so you can enjoy laying in any position you feel comfortable in and there won’t be any pressure points.
  • The memory foam mattress pocket sprung mattress absorbs vibrations. It also reduces the noise you may otherwise hear while trying to sleep. This in turn creates a better night’s sleep for you. If you struggle to sleep comfortably in a bed when your partner is tossing and turning throughout the night, then this mattress may be the answer to eliminating those disruptive moments. You will continue to sleep without being interrupted because you won’t feel their movements.
  • This memory foam mattress pocket sprung material is hypoallergenic and is resistant to mould and bacteria.


With this Inofia Mattress, you get a handcrafted mattress that offers the following:

  • The material helps dissipate body heat away from you while you are sleeping
  • With the cloud memory foam and tuft, you will be able to choose a mattress that can be as firm as you like it to be or as soft and flexible as you like.
  • This Inofia Mattress contains several layers of comfort. The first layer is the outside layer covered in Jacquard fabric for comfort. The second layer is the cloud foam to support the body in any position. The third layer is the memory relief foam to provide extra comfort while laying down. The next layer is the support foam. It is evenly distributed throughout the mattress to help conform to your body for maximum comfort. The final layer includes the barrel – type springs to give it a little bit of a bounce.
  • Each spring is sewn into their own pocket, so you won’t have springs that layover after you sleep on them for a while. You can sleep in the same position every night and you won’t experience the worn springs which can result in metal eventually protruding out of the mattress itself. This memory foam mattress pocket sprung is built with strong springs that don’t bounce too much and feel just right when you lay down on them.

Customer Reviews

This Inofia memory foam mattress pocket sprung has received many reviews. Many customers who purchased this Inofia memory foam mattress pocket sprung liked the way it would make them feel in the morning when they got up out of bed. (click here to read the latest reviews on Amazon) They didn’t feel the pain they used to experience with their older mattresses. Memory foam was another reason consumers considered this mattress model. The memory foam gave the mattress added comfort throughout the night.

Final Thoughts

With the many choices consumers have today, no one should be sleeping on a mattress that is not comfortable. There is a mattress model that is best for you. Not only does shopping online make it easy to buy a new mattress, but you can also have it delivered to your home neatly packaged.