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Lankou Breathable Bamboo with Pocket Sprung Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattress

It’s essential to have a comfortable, breathable mattress that you sleep on. That’s why Lankou designed a fantastic mattress that promotes a healthy sleeping environment, making sure that you don’t sleep on a bacteria breeding ground. This Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress will have proper air circulation, which will let go of body sweat, making sure no bacteria will spread inside the material. Good air circulation will make sure you don’t overheat as you sleep. If anything, it will give you a cooling sensation and aid your sleep.

You should be aware that the Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress will be compressed and packed in a box when shipped. This allows it to be delivered with ease, and the box will serve as a shield against potential damage to the mattress as well as protection from getting dirty. You just need to allow it 12-24 hours to fully recover before sleeping on it.

Incredible Back Pain Relief

If you suffer from back pain, you need to know this Lankou Breathable Bamboo with Pocket Sprung Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattress could put an end to your struggle. The surface of this Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress is plushy and it will feel so soft that you won’t want to leave the bed in the morning. The medium-firm support is recommended for those suffering from back pain.

Through its medium-firm comfort, the memory foam mattress provides fantastic comfort as it contours your body. The pressure-relieving properties of this Lankou Mattress will contribute to a good night’s sleep. Aside from memory foam, this bamboo mattress features a pocket spring support system. The springs, aside from offering the much-needed support, will also absorb more body pressure. Since there are so much comfort, support, and lack of pressure, your muscles will fully relax, and you’ll rest perfectly until you need to wake up.

Gel Memory Foam for the Right Temperature

It’s not at all pleasant when you are trying to sleep and you feel like your bed could “catch fire” – overheating. Not all mattresses are built the same – your old mattress may not be made using breathable materials, materials that allow air to circulate within the mattress to ensure proper ventilation. Thankfully,  this Lankou Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress features a layer of gel memory foam. This material helps regulate your body temperature for better sleep, so you can say goodbye to sleepless nights and embrace your new, comfortable life.


  • Egg shape comfort foam for better ventilation
  • Gel memory foam
  • Pocket springs for proper body support
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Decreases body pressure
  • Easy to set up
  • Compressed when shipped
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions
  • Promotes muscle relaxation
  • Amazing shock-absorption
  • Medium-firm

Customer Reviews and Ratings

What most people appreciated was the amount of support that they were able to get from this Bamboo Mattress. There were no painful body areas after sleeping on it, something that made them happy to have spent money on this model. More than that, some have pointed out that, despite having a low price, the Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress provided the same quality as a pricier mattress. It’s something worth considering when buying it. But what are the other Lankou Breathable Bamboo mattress users saying? Read the latest customer reviews on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

Lankou Mattress certainly doesn’t play around when making their mattresses. This Bamboo pocket sprung with memory foam mattress is a great example. With its spring system and comfortable surface, it will improve your sleep and, as a result, your life.