Pocket Sprung Mattress vs Memory Foam

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Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Does your back or neck hurt all the time? These may be symptoms of having a bad bed. If you have an uncomfortable bed then you should consider getting yourself a new one to sleep on. I know buying a new bed is a big decision but with our help, hopefully, you can come to a better understanding of what you need in the perfect bed. Finding the right bed is different for each person. Everyone sleeps differently while some sleep hot, some sleep cold, and some don’t even know what there sleeping on. We found out that there are only two types of mattresses that you would even want to sleep on. They are the pocket sprung mattress and the memory foam mattress, each one doing something a little different from the next.

Each and every person will sleep for about a third of their life. Making nap time a very important thing to keep us happy and healthy. If you have an old bed from the early Nineties your probably causing damage to your body without even knowing it. The older style beds were made of wood, padding, and metal springs. Over time the springs would chip and break off making the bed technically unstable. Yes, they look okay to sleep on, but when those springs break it shifts the support you need. Once the support is compromised, you’ll have horrible sleeping problems and could even bend your spine. If you feel like your bed falls underneath the category of bad beds, you should consider a new one.

What is a Pocket Sprung Mattress?

Unlike the old spring mattress I mentioned before, pocket sprung mattresses have springs that are individually wrapped. Letting each spring move freely and separate to make any person’s body extremely comfortable. Most pockets sprung mattresses have about a thousand springs or more. If they have any less, you should consider it low quality.

What is a Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam mattresses are made out of man-made synthetic materials. Originally created by Nasa for astronauts. It was supposed to cushion them as they launched into space. However, the project never became of anything. Instead of Nasa using the cushiony material to help protect their astronauts, medical companies saw the potential uses of memory foam. It is the perfect material to make a comfortable fit-bed for the elderly, people with arthritis, and recovering hospital patients, making it the ideal hospital bed. Of course, memory foam worked so well in the medical industry that it crossed over to the consumer market. Where it stays one of the most sought after beds today.

Pocket Sprung Sleeping Style

Maybe you’re the kind of sleeper who wants a little extra bounciness. Someone who prefers a springy feeling instead of a sinking one. Then a pocket sprung mattress would be a great option for you. Allowing for proper weight distribution furthering customizable comfort. You can check each pocket sprung bed for the same thing. The number on the side of the bed is an indicator of how many springs are inside the bed. The more springs it has the firmer the mattress is going to be. The pocket spring mattress is a very comfortable choice of bedding, which is why it is also a favorite by consumers.

Memory Foam Sleeping Style

Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes a firm bed to sleep on. Then you should check out a memory foam mattress. This material is pretty cool, the memory foam transforms into the natural shape of your body. Offering a more tailored range of support, great for individuals who suffer from joint or chronic back pain. This is the best kind of bed out there to help alleviate backaches no matter what position you sleep in.

Consumers Top Pick for Pocket Sprung Style Mattresses:

Ej. Life

The Ej. Life mattress is just like any standard pocket sprung style bed. Giving you independent support for every area of your body, eliminating any sleep-related pain. This bed gives you support in all the right places with the help of individually wrapped pocket springs. Each one working together and independently to closely follow your body for extra support. The top layer is made of a 3D breathable fabric that keeps you cool and comfortable. This mattress will let you experience an undisturbed sleep with a high-density foam base and nine comfort zones. Giving you a very precise support system to relieve pressure on your shoulder and hips.


This bed gives you maximum support without giving up any comfortability. Pockets are sewn together in such a way to the individual spring pockets so they can move independently. Unfortunately, pocket sprung mattresses don’t generally adjust to body temperatures. But this specific bed has a memory foam topper for additional cooling and maximum support. Making this bed a very good option for those who want something sturdy but not stiff.


Pocket sprung mattresses will lose their firmness over time if you don’t rotate and flip them every three months. A daunting task for those who have trouble lifting heavy objects. Not to mention, most of these style beds are made of materials such as lambswool, which can be extremely annoying if you have allergies. Another pretty important thing is these newer style beds are missing handles for carrying. This could be a bit of an annoyance every time you need to handle the bed.

Consumers Top Pick for Memory foam Mattresses:

Vesgantti Ergonomic Memory Foam

This bed is a unique style of a memory foam mattress with an ergonomic layered design. Consisting of 3 dense foam layers, starting with an eggshell massage foam. Furthermore, it is made of a soft bamboo charcoal foam and finally finished off with a high-density base for vibration absorption. The composition of the Vesgantti memory foam mattress offers a more tranquil sleep. Not only can it provide better support for your spine but it can also eliminate any extra heat your body is producing. Slow spring back foam hugs the body to make this bed a perfect fit for anyone’s shape. The three special layers of foam can also effectively absorb noise and vibration. So if your spouse gets up early in the mornings you will still be sound asleep.


The main reason you should consider a memory foam mattress is because they are super comfortable. The mattress forms to your body reducing pressure on your spine which means you’ll get the best sleep of your life on this mattress. By evenly distributing your body weight you could effectively correct poor sleeping posture. Let’s not forget that these types of beds are usually hypoallergenic and dust-mite resistant. Making them a great option for people with sensitive allergies. Virtually no maintenance needed when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Unlike the pocket sprung style, you’ll never have to flip or turn this type of mattress.


However, when it comes to memory foam mattresses they can be quite heavy which can be a hassle if you have to move them. But other than that, you shouldn’t have to move your new bed too much. Some people complain about an odor from the new mattresses but that’s due to the synthetic materials its made of. The smells that were reported usually go away after a few days. Lastly, if you live in a warmer area you should consider investing in some sort of cooling mat. These beds have been known to be hotter than normal mattresses because the dense memory foam holds in all the heat.

Memory Foam vs Pocket Sprung

Ultimately, when it comes down to choosing between the two mattresses, it depends on what style you think is best for you. It’s all up to your body type and the environment you live in. If you live in a warmer state a pocket sprung style mattress might be a great solution for you.  Although, if you were to live somewhere that gets extremely cold. You might consider a good memory foam mattress to help keep you warm. However, if you experience severe back problems or you have trouble sleeping through an entire night. You should probably personally test the bed you plan on buying. Make sure it’s made of the highest quality materials. Therefore, you don’t miss out on the support that is needed for your back problems. Like anything else, there are companies out there that will mislead consumers about the products they produce to get more sales. That is why it is always important to research on the bed you may want to buy. So like I said before, you spend a third of your life sleeping. Choosing the right bed to ensure your comfort while sleeping, is also essential to keeping a healthy body.