Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress

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This pure relief memory foam mattress is designed to give you the ultimate comfort and body support when you sleep. The Pure Relief Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) has layers of memory and reflex foam to provide the right balance of soft and firm support that your body needs to be able to sleep comfortably with your posture still maintained.


    • It has a 13-mm memory foam and a 190-mm foam base. The memory foam follows the shape of your body for a more comfortable fit that improves your posture when you sleep
  • The memory foam will also keep your temperature warm as it can retain the heat your body emits effectively
  • The package includes a hand-stitched, quilted cover to protect your mattress
  • It also gives great support for the back and your spine as well
  • The quilted fabric also promotes proper air circulation while you sleep, keeping temperature levels cool and comfortable


  • The body-moulding property of the memory foam helps promote proper blood circulation in the body which results in reduced pressure points and body pains usually caused by incorrect sleeping positions
  • Comfortable to sleep on, the density is about medium to firm, which is suitable for most people who reviewed the product
  • The memory foam effectively absorbs and isolates movements so you won’t have to worry about disturbing your partner when you move around the bed. The mattress also does not dip unnecessarily when you move which can cause your partner to roll with you
  • Good quality



A memory foam mattress that is also popular among customers is the Eve Small Double Mattress (Amazon Link). Although quite expensive, the mattress will not fail you as it is made up of several layers of different foams, each with its own function.

The top layer is composed of 4 cm memory foam that is expectedly soft and cooling, designed to provide you comfort and pressure relief. Unlike other memory foam mattresses that only have two layers, the Eve Small Double Mattress has a middle foam layer made of polyurethane foam that has a 3 cm thickness. It uses a lower density foam which ensures the mattress allows increased airflow to reduce the heat retention issues most memory foams have.

For the base, a thick 18 cm high-density foam layer provides support and a strong foundation for your overall weight. The mattress has a knitted cover included in the package. It is a thin and soft fabric layer that provides a comfortable surface to sleep on. It can also be removed for easy washing. The firmness of the mattress is on the medium level.

Unlike other memory foam mattresses that increases the temperature, which can make you feel uncomfortable, the polyurethane layer of the mattress effectively disperses heat since it allows air to circulate freely within the mattress. It also has a quick response to change in movements which most traditional memory foam mattresses don’t have, which can be quite frustrating as a slow response from the memory foam can make you feel trapped or have a hard time moving.

A more budget-friendly option is the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Mattress ( Amazon Link).

It is designed to support 7 specific areas of the body that require support when sleeping. These areas are prone to pressure which can lead you to have muscle aches and joint pains if not relieved. With support from the mattress, you can be assured of sleeping comfortably while maintaining the correct position of your body. It provides softer support for the shoulders and firmer support for the back and hips. The materials used in this mattress are also hypoallergenic and sanitized. It also features anti-dust mite properties to help you protect your mattress and your health from common infestations that can cause discomfort for you, and damage to your memory foam.

The mattress is made from Miratex foam, and what’s great about this product is that the softness of the foam is extended up to the very edges of the bed. This will benefit you as you will have more sleep space and no issues of rolling off the bed. The mattress has a soft cover with a knitted design. Motion transference is also minimal which is important if you don’t sleep alone in bed because this ensures that your partner will not be disturbed whenever you move around in bed.


If you have the money to spare, you may want to opt for the Eve Small Double Mattress. It is a great quality product with different layers of foam to ensure that you sleep comfortably, and will not have any problem with temperatures rising from heat retention.