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Sealy Posture Support Pillowtop Mattress Posturepedic Technology Core Support Springs

A good mattress is one that is both comfortable and supportive, but an even better mattress is the one that comes with added benefits. This Sealy Posture Support Pillowtop Mattress Posturepedic Technology Core Support Springs is exceptional, thanks to the added pillow top. Although the double pillow top mattress itself is already very comfortable, the pillow top adds one extra layer of comfort, perfect for those wanting more softness on their bed. Also, the top feels very smooth, and the material will caress your skin. Further to that, this double pillow top mattress comes in multiple sizes to make sure it fits more beds. Isn’t that great?

Support from the Springs

Another significant aspect about this double pillow top mattress is the fact that it has specially designed springs, which will help support your body, no matter the weight. The core support system is fantastic for its pain-relieving properties, a massive advantage for anyone who used to wake up suffering from back or neck pain. On top of that, the spring support system is fantastic at relieving pressure points. Since every spring will work by itself to hold your body, there will be no pressure felt as the Sealy pillow top mattress starts contouring your shape. On the contrary – you will be able to feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The comfort this model offers is outstanding ensuring you will wake up fully rested.

Hypoallergenic and Temperature Regulating

Some mattresses trap heat and during the hot summer nights, this can disturb your sleep. You continuously toss and turn, yet you are unable to find any position to feel comfortable in. This is where this Sealy pillow top mattress will come to save you. Thanks to an eco-fibre that it contains known as “tencel”, your body temperature will be regulated to allow you to sleep. It offers a cooling sensation, ensuring uninterrupted sleep whilst offering a cooling sensation too. The Sealy pillow top mattress is breathable and this help moisture dissipates ensuring a fresh sleeping environment. Besides, the mattress is also hypoallergenic. It contains a self-cleaning fibre, respectively Purotex, which will keep allergens away and give you a healthy sleep surface. The fibre is endorsed by Allergy UK.


  • Tencel eco-fibre
  • Temperature regulation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Purotex fibre
  • Pillow top included
  • 5-year warranty
  • Springs for core support
  • It comes in many sizes
  • Medium-firm
  • Fire-retardant

The Popular Customer Opinion

This Sealy double pillow top mattress has been successful in giving people the advantages they are looking for. Their sleep pattern has improved, all thanks to the comfort and support of this pillow top mattress. What people noticed about the double pillow top mattress was the fact that the pillow top prevents you from feeling the springs inside the mattress. It feels soft, despite being a heavy mattress. Some customers pointed out that there’s a lot of filling inside the mattress, which makes it quite heavy. This makes it a little difficult to move around for 1 person, 2 people are recommended should you need to move the mattress to a different part of the house. Still, the comfort was the same. Click here is you want to check out reviews on Amazon yourself.

Final Thoughts

You should buy this Sealy double pillow top mattress if you want a quality product that won’t keep you awake at night. With an exceptional spring support system and great comfort thanks to the pillow top, it could become the mattress of your dreams, helping you sleep safe and sound.