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Silentnight 1000 Pocket Gel Mattress with Pillowtop

If you want a comfortable mattress, look at the Silentnight 1000 pocket mattress, from Silentnight Mattress Ltd. It’s great to have a mattress that you know is durable and will offer the right level of support, whilst still being comfortable.  This particular Silentnight pillow top mattress has a Mirapocket zoned spring system, which will offer support like no other mattress. The Silentnight’s Mirapocket zoned spring system ensures tailored pressure relief and unparalleled support with 1000 individually nested springs. Sleeping with your partner will be more comfortable, thanks to the individually nested springs and no “roll-together” feature which means more mattress space and less disturbance. Thanks to these types of springs, there is will be “no motion transfer” during sleep. So if you move, toss & turn, get out of bed, etc…only the springs beneath your own weight will move, the ones on your side of the mattress.

Available mattress sizes:

  • Single
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King

Mattress types:

  • 1000 Gel Pillowtop
  • 2000 Gel Pillowtop
  • 3000 Ultra Gel
  • Cool Gel Rolled
  • Miracoil Gel
  • Miracoil Gel Pillowtop

Plush Pillow Top Layer for Increased Comfort

The Silentnight pillow top mattress features a plush pillow top layer, which will bring you the comfort you are looking for in a mattress. It is a Geltex pillow top layer, which also makes the mattress deeper. What’s even better is that the Silentnight mattress double comes encased in a soft knitted fabric, to increase the comfort even more and maintain the durability of the product. Moreover, thanks to Geltex technology, breathability is ensured too.

As previously stated, the gel layer ensures breathability, in fact, it’s 4 times more breathable than memory foam mattresses, to aid breathability on those warmer nights. Thanks to being 4 times more breathable, this will reduce the chances of getting hot during your sleep and as a consequence reduce the amount of sweating as well.

Firmness for Back Pain Treatment

People who suffer from back pain may find this Silentnight pillow top mattress a blessing. Even though the Silentnight Mattress and top layer work to bring softness to your life, the mattress itself is firm enough to support your body and keep your spine aligned. Without this, you’d sleep in unhealthy positions and wake up with back pain – but if you have this Silentnight mattress double, this won’t be a problem anymore. All in all, it’s not too soft nor too firm – it’s just as it should be, it offers medium/firm support. Another wonderful thing is that heat won’t be there to cause sleepless nights. It can regulate the temperature in such a way that you will sleep in optimal conditions.


  • Medium/firm firmness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perfect for side sleepers
  • Firm mattress
  • Plush Pillow-Top layer
  • Durable material
  • No “roll-together”
  • Comes in multiple sizes

The Customer Opinion

Most online reviews are positive, although there are a few complaints as well. In general, people are happy with the mix of softness and firmness that comes with this Silentnight pillow top mattress, and how it can reduce back pain. They also agreed that the mattress offers excellent quality for the price and is also good at preventing overheating. Most online users in the UK recommend this Silentnight mattress. On the other hand, some wish that it was a little softer and that the delivery information was more accurate.

Final Thoughts

All you can wish from a mattress is packed inside this Silentnight Mattress. You will have better nights with uninterrupted sleep and the same goes for your partner. Also, it will maintain enough support to help you lie down in the right position – this way, you won’t suffer from any back pain.