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Silentnight Heated Mattress Topper Review

Staying warm throughout the night is what people want most, especially if they are cold or live in a chilled climate. This luxuriously heated mattress topper from Silentnight provides a full-body pocket of warmth for those chilly winter nights without causing a sweat. This Silentnight heated mattress topper heats the bed in minutes to offer a warm and snuggly bed to crawl into. The teddy fleece fabric is soft and feels like a warm hug. The heated mattress topper itself is made with little pockets of soft hollow fibres for supreme comfort.

The Silentnight Heated Mattress Topper review features elastic straps that fit mattress depths of up to 30 cm being pulled up and over to fit securely around mattress corners. This helps ensure the mattress topper stays firmly in place as many tend to toss and turn during the night. This Silentnight heated mattress topper is machine washable; simply remember to detach the heating cables from the connector before placing it in the washing machine. Another benefit of the Silent night mattress topper is its hypoallergenic properties which are comforting to anyone who suffers from sensitive skin or respiratory issues.

Heating Power and Control

This Silentnight heated mattress topper has three different heat settings to optimize your sleeping experience. To avoid disagreements with your partner, each person is able to take complete control
of their own heating controls, as each side of the topper can be operated independently. Overheating protection is included, and mechanics are in place to turn off the heating system whenever hot spots are found. The heating system is also BEAB approved.

Fleece Fabric Layers

Covered in extra Snuggly teddy fleece fabric providing edge to edge coverage to your mattress, filled with plump pockets of hollow fibre to give an extra layer of comfort to your existing mattress.


  • Silentnight Heated Mattress Topper Dimensions: 135 x 190 cm
  • Extremely soft fleece fabric covering
  • Thick pockets of hollow fibre material
  • 3-heat controlled settings with isolating controlled properties
  • Fitting elastic corner straps for a secure fit
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Available in Double, King, and Super King sizes

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Customers fell in love with this teddy-bear-like material heated mattress topper, describing it as like sleeping on a fluffy cloud. It’s super soft and lightweight while thick enough of a layer to provide healing to an aching back. Some have missed the hidden feature, the dual controls that help control the heat to individuals’ needs. It’s reasonably quick to warm and has a slit in at the top to prevent overheating. Heat is released to the edges of the mattress topper, and many stated the heating functions were easy to use.

Final Thoughts

This Silentnight Heated Mattress Topper definitely presents itself as a useful product in any season. It’s reasonable for its price, and the features sound great for anyone interested in purchasing it.