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Silentnight Teddy Mattress Topper Review

Mattress toppers are a must if you want to extend the longevity and comfort of your old mattress. Mattress toppers can range in price and size, but overall, they are a great addition to any bed and mattress. If your mattress is getting older and is no longer comfortable, a silent night teddy duvet can add extra support to your bed. Whatever your needs are, if you want an affordable and cosy mattress topper, the Silentnight Teddy Mattress Topper review is a quality choice. The silent night mattress topper double is not your typical mattress topper. The Silentnight Teddy duvet topper revitalizes your mattress and makes it feel bouncier and softer.

This is made possible with the fleece-like material. The fleece makes your bed cushy and relaxing. You will be fast asleep once this Silentnight mattress topper is on your mattress. Besides, unlike other toppers, Silentnight Teddy will keep heat trapped in your bed. If you get cold in the winter but don’t know how to make your bed warmer, try this silent night mattress topper double out. The fleece keeps you snug and comfy for a night of great night sleep. On the whole, the Silentnight is a high-quality topper that has all the features you need.

Hollowfibre and Fleece Material

This Silent night teddy duvet is made using quality materials. Hollow fibres are used in the making of the Teddy Mattress Topper. This is a porous material that offers you breathability and support. When you put this Silent night teddy duvet on your mattress, you will sleep better and feel more relaxed. Sometimes blankets aren’t enough. A fleece topper helps trap in extra heat. If you want a warm bed with the softest topper, try out this silent night teddy fleece.

Hypoallergenic and Machine Washable

The silent night teddy fleece is hypoallergenic. This means that the Silentnight Teddy mattress topper is made using materials that will not trigger allergies. So if you have allergies, this will be the ideal product for you. Washing your mattress topper regularly will help reduce allergy symptoms. Luckily, this Silentnight Teddy mattress topper is easy to clean! You can remove your topper from your mattress with ease. And you don’t have to take it to a dry cleaner. Just stick the Fleece topper in your washing machine. The Teddy mattress topper can withstand temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius; This is a durable and sturdy mattress topper!


  • Dimensions: A double is 135x 190 cm
  • Colour: White
  • Sizes: Double, King, Single, Super King
  • Hollowfibre material for support
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Machine Washable
  • Covered in fleece for warmth
  • Flexible and easy to fit on your bed
  • Two-year warranty guarantee

Customer Reviews

From the various online reviews we read, users have raved about the quality and softness of this mattress topper. Many buyers have agreed that the Silentnight Fleece Mattress Topper is the perfect purchase for winter. Your bed will become more comfortable and warm in the harsh winter months.

Final Thoughts

This Silent night mattress topper double is a reasonably priced product. It offers buyers the ultimate comfort and warmth. And reviewers agree that this silent night mattress topper is excellent for extra cushioning on a mattress. It won’t fix your worn-down mattress, but it will increase the comfort of your old bed. If you can’t afford to replace your mattress, try this silent night teddy fleece mattress topper out. It will add support and softness to your bed. This silent night teddy fleece mattress topper is made of plush and heat-trapping material. No one wants to feel cold in their bed. This product aims to keep you warm in bed, especially during winter. Sleepers that get cold easily will benefit from this mattress topper greatly!