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Sleep Factory 3000 Organic Pillow Top Mattress Review

If you want to feel luxurious when sleeping, the Sleep Factory 3000 Organic Pillow Top Mattress will be the answer to your prayers. This pocket 3000 spring organic pillow top mattress will offer you the amount of comfort that you need, all at an affordable price. Not only that it has an affordable price, but it is also able to offer you a cosy feeling thanks to the stretch fabric found on top of the mattress. The hand-stitched side handles will help you transport the pillow top mattress double easily to your room of choice or should you need to move the mattress. The cover is hand tufted for extra comfort. This pillow top mattress double is perfect for any home, so if you’re looking to have a good night’s sleep on an innovative mattress, this one may be meant for you.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

A key feature that most mattresses are trying to incorporate is represented by the individually wrapped pocketed springs – a feature that this pocket 3000 spring organic pillow top mattress possesses. These springs will function in such a way that they support your body, no matter your weight. Thanks to the springs, you will have your body aligned in a healthy position ensuring you will not have to suffer from pain. Thanks to the soft pillow top, it will contour your body, leaving room for comfort and offering you a night of good sleep that will help you feel rested in the morning.

Better Air Flow

Overheating & sweating during the night can easily keep you awake and take hours away from your precious sleep. This won’t be a problem anymore if you buy this pocket 3000 spring organic pillow top mattress; it has side air vents for better airflow, ensuring that this mattress won’t retain sweat and will cause no odours as a result. The air vents will provide you with a cooling effect that encourages sleep and will surely prevent sweating and overheating.


  • Single-sided mattress
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Wire edge
  • Medium/Firm Firmness
  • Individually Pocket Encapsulated for More Support
  • Not vacuum packed or rolled
  • Density foam layer
  • Dust mite resistant
  • Fully compliant with all fire regulations in the U.K.
  • Side air vents
  • Promotes good blood circulation
  • Easier handling thanks to the handles attached
  • Pocket 3000 spring organic pillow top mattress
  • Pillow top mattress double

The Popular Customer Opinion

Despite being a little sceptical at first due to the low price, many buyers saw that the pillow top mattress double is actually of high quality. Some of them recommended the pocket 3000 spring organic pillow top mattress to friends and family members. The one thing they fell in love with was the mattress’s ability to rid you of back pain, helping them feel comfortable even though the mattress is quite firm. Because most reviews were good, the overall rating of this model is high. Some didn’t appreciate the firmness and found it a little hard to get used to it, but they eventually did, and it was just right for them.

Final Thoughts

You should try out this pillow top mattress double if you want your spinal pain to go away. Although it’s medium-firm, it will still feel comfortable enough. Besides, the pillow top mattress double will regulate your body temperature so that your sleep quality is not affected by heat being trapped in your mattress.