What Mattress Firmness is Right for me?

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You’ve likely heard about various types of mattresses and what they can do for you. While you may understand how different types of mattresses can support you, you have probably not looked into how the firmness of a mattress can help support you.

Just as the type of mattress can be beneficial for certain sleepers, the firmness of the mattress can be important too. In this article, you will learn the different types of firmness in mattresses and what type of sleepers these mattresses are perfect for.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you will be able to choose the right mattress with the best firmness for you!

What is mattress firmness?

Mattress firmness is really a preference that varies from person to person. Only you can really tell what mattress firmness will be right for you.

In essence, firmness is how soft or hard the mattress is. If you were to lay on a mattress that contours to your body, that mattress would have a soft firmness. If you lay on a mattress that doesn’t sink too much and actually creates a firmer area for you, that is a firm mattress.

The firmness of the mattress that you choose will be very important to you. If you aren’t sleeping on the right mattress, you’ve likely woken up with back pain or can’t get a good night’s sleep because you feel uncomfortable. Additionally, if you sleep in a certain position or have trouble with chronic back pain, the firmness of your mattress matters.

If any of the above statements apply to you, keep reading to find out what mattress firmness is the best option for you.

Why is finding the best mattress firmness, important?

There are several reasons why you need to take the time to find the mattress firmness that is best for your body type and sleeping positions:

  • For comfort: Nothing is worse than being unable to get comfortable. This often leads to restless nights and discomfort during the day.
    For health: Sleeping on the wrong type of mattress can actually do you more harm than you think. The wrong mattress can cause back pain which can lead to a number of other health problems that can prohibit you from living a healthy life.
  • For Mattress Longevity: Longevity, or how long a mattress is able to support you, will also depend on the mattress’ firmness.
  • For Mattress Upkeep: You may have to rotate or clean some mattress firmness types more often than others to keep them at their best. Otherwise, they can lose their firmness and the ability to support you properly.

Now that you know some of the reasons why finding the best mattress firmness for you is important, you now need to learn more about each type of mattress firmness to find the best one for you.

Soft Mattresses
You probably love the idea of sleeping on a cloud, which is a lot like what you probably imagine sleeping on a mattress with a soft firmness would be like.

In actuality, sleeping on a soft mattress is a great option for only a select few. The reason why soft mattresses aren’t for everyone all comes down to the science of the spine.

Your spine creates a natural “s” shape. When you lay down on your mattress to go to sleep, it is essential that your spine is cradled the right way. For this reason, soft mattresses are not a good option for people who sleep on their back or on their stomach, as the spine can’t keep its natural shape due to lack of support.

Instead, soft mattresses are best for side sleepers. The mattress will likely contour to the sleeper’s body to help keep their body supported throughout the night.

The best soft mattress will be best suited for people who maintain a healthy standard bodyweight and frame. This is because your body will be more evenly supported than that of someone who carries weight in different areas unevenly.

Soft to Medium Mattresses
A better option for people who need more support than a soft mattress can give is the soft to medium mattress firmness. This type of mattress provides the softness and comfort of a soft mattress with more support.

A lot of the characteristics of someone who would need a soft to medium mattress will match that of someone who would enjoy a soft mattress. This type of mattress is best for people who maintain around the recommended body weight and size of people their age and sex. Additionally, the soft to medium mattress is great for people who sleep on their sides due to the curvature of the spine.

Medium Mattresses
In a recent study, 80 per cent of people said they preferred the firmness of a medium-firm mattress to that of any other firmness on the market. It is somewhat natural for the mattress that lies in the middle of the soft and firm rating scale to be what more people go for, but it still might not be the best option for you.

The best medium-firm mattress will support people of all sizes, which also makes a medium firmness the best options for couples who are looking for a compromise.

But, perhaps the most important thing to note about a medium mattress is that it is the best mattress you can have if you find that you are having back troubles. No matter if your back problems stem from the way you sleep, or you have chronic back pain, medium-firm mattresses are your best option in easing pressure and pain on the spine.

It all goes back to the science of the spine, yet again. With a medium-firm mattress, the top of your spine near your shoulders is supported to help it keep its “s” shape, giving you a comfortable sleep, especially if you sleep on your back or sides.

Medium to Firm Mattresses
Just like the soft to medium-firm mattresses, medium to firm mattresses offers a bit more support than traditional medium-firm mattresses do.

Perfect for couples, this mattress firmness can be a great compromise for couples who need different levels of support. Because of the type of support it offers, this mattress firmness is also perfect for people of varying weights and frame sizes. You can be sure that you will be supported fully throughout the entire night, no matter your size.

Again, this mattress is perfect for people who have chronic or mild back pain. Because this mattress is medium to firm, it is perfect for people who like to sleep on their sides, back, and even on their stomach.

Firm Mattresses
Contrary to popular belief, firm mattresses aren’t a good choice for people who suffer from chronic back pain. But, firm mattresses are an excellent choice for people who don’t suffer from back pain but love to sleep on their stomachs.

When you lay on your stomach, it is the bottom part of your spine near your pelvis that curves in. The top part of your spine can be further supported when sleeping on your stomach by using a pillow. For extra support sleeping on your stomach, you can place a thin pillow between your pelvis and the mattress. This will provide your spine with a more natural position than lying flat.

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How to Check Mattress Firmness

The best way to check mattress firmness is to physically test out the mattress for yourself. This may mean that you need to take a trip to the mattress store to find the best mattress for your body type and sleeping position.

Many mattress manufacturers label their mattress by the firmness rating, but everything will differ from person to person. This rating, however, can be great if you don’t have the time to visit the mattress store in person and choose to purchase the mattress online.

Be sure to check mattress firmness while in your desired sleeping position. This will help you determine how comfortable the mattress will be for you. You should be sure to keep in mind any health problems, especially back issues, that you suffer from when testing out mattresses.

Also, you can consult with a mattress salesperson on what mattress will be best for you. They are training in mattress firmness, support, and comfort, so they will be able to show you the best mattress for your needs and tell you more about it. This is a lot easier than trying to navigate a mattress store on your own.

As you can see, there are a number of different types of mattresses and mattress firmness. These both play an essential role in helping you get a good night’s sleep while limiting or eliminating back pain and other sleep-related injuries.

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