Why are mattresses so expensive?

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Sleeping is important as many of us would argue as it improves our moods, boost our health, and sleep makes a well-rested person feel the world just seems like a better place. Many often say that the bedroom is their favourite place in the house, or leaving the bed is never an easy task; no matter how much sleep we get it never seems enough. A truly remarkable relationship is that of a tired person coming home and making a beeline for their bed.

What many people fail to understand is that the mattress plays a huge role in making the bed a comfortable space to lay on after a long day of work. Some love a well-worn mattress that just moulds to their body shape while others appreciate their sturdier, firmer foundation to sleep on.

Regardless of one’s mattress preference, these massive structures are definitely a pricier purchase to make. Fortunately, mattress buyers will only purchase a new mattress when they need it over when they want a mattress. This perspective on purchasing puts a mattress in the position in being more of a last-minute purchase, over other more expensive purchases being made, like a car.

Why are Mattresses so Expensive?
As the common phrase suggests, you often get what you pay for. This general rule of thumb applies to mattresses as well. It is good to keep in mind that while a more expensive mattress may promise added benefits with cushion or comfort, this does not guarantee an automatic pass into a deep sleep.

Some of the more obvious components that can and will increase the price of a mattress include:
– Cost of materials
– Delivery and shipping prices
– The supply chain
– Profit margins
– Technology and Innovations

Other factors will come into play in deciding the cost of a mattress but fortunately, if treated right, a mattress will last for a long time. Many users usually end up getting their money back with how long they can extend their mattresses life. If you really put some thought into how much your mattress does for you, it can be worth paying a little extra for something that can last a lifetime.

What Materials Make a Mattress Expensive?
Depending on the mattress size, a mattress can be chocked full of expensive materials ranging from gels, microfiber filling, pocket springs, memory foam, latex, and more. Over the years, mattress companies have discovered the benefits of creating hybrid mattresses which combine the positive effects of select types of materials into one central sleep surface.

Finding the right mattress for your individual needs is also another way mattress producers can tack on the money. Depending on any health condition or personal preference, chances are, if you’ve been shopping around for a mattress, you’ve probably seen how pricey they

can be. Regardless of the overall structure or interior design, sleep companies are known to sell their mattresses for eye-opening prices well over £2,000.

One reason behind this jaw-dropping observation is the idea that companies that sell mattresses will usually mark up their products depending on the specific brands, features, and size. A mattress that is specialized for people who experience back pain or chronic conditions and need additional support and comfort will add to the companies’ marketing cost or retail markup. In addition to the pre-existing manufacturer’s cost, these sums are often the culprits in a mattress companies decision to push the cost of the mattress up and up.

While the type of materials is what really alters the quality and quantity of a certain mattress, the general rule for pricing mattresses is to anticipate that innerspring mattresses are the least expensive of the bunch. This is then followed by all-foam mattresses, such as memory foam, then hybrid pocketed coils, pocket coil mattresses, and more so including those latex foam or hybrid mattresses.

How Quality Mattress Components Control the Price Tag
For foam-based mattresses, the density of the foam of the mattress, as well as the type of filler materials used, will cause a small increase in how high the price of the mattress will be. When the fillers are made from denser or naturally-sourced materials, even hypoallergenic materials are specialized technologies that establish an environment where allergens such as dust,
pollen, have a harder time staying put. As sleep technology has increased, the different inner workings of a mattress have increased in complexity as well. With some mattresses having multiple layers of different breathable or moisture-wicking fabrics located inside the mattresses’ outer “shell,” these added commodities increase the price as well.

A rather unforeseen factor that can contribute to a hefty price tag is the border or lining of a mattress. Mattress borders that are hand-stitched can become more expensive than those that are stitched by machine or are quilted.

In the end, cheap mattresses, assuming mattresses that cost £250 or less, these are typically constructed of poorly made or low-quality materials. While the low starting price sounds great to begin with, any poorly made mattress can prematurely sag within a year or less of use. A good mattress doesn’t have to have the best of the best, but a poorly made mattress will affect you or even another person sharing the bed. A quality mattress that ends up supporting both you and a partner can theoretically equate to the price of purchasing two single mattresses.

Delivery and Shipping
As many are well aware, mattresses can be heavy. If buying a mattress at the physical store, retailers will tack on prices for transportation and installment of the mattress. This service is helpful for those who need it but can sometimes prove to be a hefty addition to the amount spent.

For online purchases, mattress size and the cost for transportation would include a small amount added to the overall cost.

Health Benefits from a Wellmade Mattress
If a mattress is from a reputable brand, chances are there options available for a sleeping surface that does the job without breaking the bank. Many well-constructed mattresses are made and sold with lower quality materials or have less technological advances.

Other benefits from a properly designed mattress include:
Improved quality of sleep
Proper spine and back alignment
Prevent pain
Reduction in snoring
Less tossing and turning from you or your sleep partner

Improved Quality of Sleep
Any high-quality mattress will just seem to have the Goldilocks effect on your mind and your body. Whether or not it seems to have the perfect feel to your body or it just matches the shape this will be affected by the amount of quality and care being placed into the mattress itself.

At the same time, another important factor that people are going to consider for an effective mattress is the idea of its breathability. Many mattress manufacturers will take into consideration how much airflow and circulation is able to take place in the mattress during the night. This is especially for the warmer nights during the season and for those more importantly who tend to overheat during the night.

Proper Body Alignment
Regardless if it’s day or night posture is an aspect of life we are expected to think about going through our everyday lives. Parents always tell their children to refrain from slouching as it encourages the body to want to remain in that position which can lead to issues with the skeletal structure over time.

A mattress should have the materials inside of it that are also supportive of your joints and connective areas of your body. Depending on how you sleep, gravity will pull down on these points of contact.

With the proper mattress, the main load drain joints are in alignment with each other which results in your muscles being able to remain in a comfortable position. During the night your muscles will be able to relax as they are meant to and your body will be able to feel more rested.

In contrast, when our joints are misaligned from the improper support from our mattress, then muscles will have to work harder and the joints will be misaligned during what is supposed to be the body’s time of rest. This results in the muscle stiffness or tightness that we experience after waking

With a cheap mattress, there is less likely to be enough durability of the material or it may be lacking in specific technologies such as 7 zone layering system that improves the stability of a mattress. Less expensive mattresses are expected to fall or sag within a very short period of time, much less than their projected lifespan.

Pain Reduction
Scientifically, a mattress that reduces the number of pressure points being placed on your body will give you the best night’s sleep. The type of mattress you choose should not be based on a price tag, but instead on the position in which you sleep.

Different mattresses offer specialized support in different areas where your body may be placing more pressure on when it sleeps. If you’re dealing with pain, many recommend a foam mattress or hybrid.

Regardless of mattress type or the monetary value behind it, sleep and the quality of it should always be the final deciding factor in whether or not a mattress is worth its price tag.