Strictly Beds Double 4ft6 Memory Foam Mattress 9″

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The Double Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is a luxurious and exquisite mattress and meets all the EU and UK safety regulations. It’s comfortable enough to meet the needs of anyone looking for another mattress that’s comfortable, breathable and fire retardant.


  • Special fabric design distinct enough to add some extra elegance to the mattress
  • Based on German quality 13.5g spring units
  • Mattress’s upholstery 5cm of the memory foam layer
  • Made to meet all the safety regulations in Europe and the United Kingdom
  • BS7177 fire retardant
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee with free collection from your home if you don’t like it
  • Fabric is breathable and luxurious with one side made for cooler summers and the other for cold winters for some extra warmth
  • Non allergon
  • Measures 135cm in Width, 190cm in Length and 22cm in Height
  • Includes 13.5 Open coil Bonnell types of springs for some additional support
  • Free collection including a full refund for those unhappy with it with delivery call 30 minutes before arrival to your home
  • Free delivery to mainland areas of Wales, Scotland and England


  • Recommended for those with allergies-whether it is dust mites or other allergy the mattress is superbly protective and non irritable
  • Highly affordable mattress and one of the top sellers
  • Meets EU and British safety regulations
  • BS7177 fire retardant
  • 22cm mattress depth in total
  • Free collection if you don’t like it
  • Extra support-provided by open coil Bonnell spring
  • Breathable fabric-cool-zone luxurious mattress with one side great for winter and the other for summer when temperatures are hot
  • Non-allergon
  • Fibre topping and open coil
  • Comfortable soft
  • Enhances sleep by allowing you to sleep better
  • Good value for money


  • According to real buyers the mattress doesn’t have memory foam on either sides
  • Not foldable
  • Some customers have reported adding a firm double memory foam mattress topper


The Double Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is highly comfortable and conform to the UK BS7177 British Standards. An open coil type of spring mattress, it has a 5cm memory foam layer, including a breathable fabric apart from being Non Allergon. The mattress is great for everyday use with soft-medium firmness.


While the Double Memory Foam Mattress 22cm Thick 4 foot 6 is a good choice for anyone looking for a soft-medium type of mattress firmness, the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam (Amazon Link) is another choice you might want to check out. Measuring 190cm by 90cm by 20cm, the Visco is a regular memory foam comfortable product made of Viscoelastic polymer gel with a unique moulding ability that conforms the mattress to the shape of the person sleeping on it.

It has a unique polyester padding that adds some comfort and softness with base support in the form of thick reflex layer foam functioning as the body’s weight support. As a result, the reflex foam firmness offers some much-needed support considering the pliability and softness of the memory foam.  The Visco Therapy HL2000 also comes with a sanitised fabric for better sleep with hypoallergenic materials that make it ensuring dust mites and other allergens are waded off meaning it’s superb for asthmatics and other allergy sufferers. With the Visco mattress, you’ll be sure of the best position possible great for the spine allowing you to comfortably sleep well without tossing and turning while blood circulation is a free flow easy affair ensuring body parts don’t ache or become numb.

You can also try another luxurious mattress if you’re still not satisfied with the Double Memory Foam Mattress 9 Inches Thick 4 Foot 6 or the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam by checking out the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone. It comes with a formulated type of memory foam that also moulds to the body of the person lying on it.

BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone has been made to support about seven distinct zones of the human body; supports the shoulders, hips as well as superb support for the lower back whose pain afflicts many people. As a result, the support zones specifically designed ensures common pains and aches have been relieved particularly when the body has not been positioned properly in bed.

The BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone foam mattress versatility makes it great for divan bases and bedsteads with Miratex foam high-density support lining up the bed’s edges for some quality sleep while ensuring no one rolls out of bed as they sleep.   Rather than be flipped over like many foam mattresses, the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone just requires a regular rotation to ensure the wear is even. As such, unwanted dents and sags are prevented from forming permanently at the specific space the body’s weight finds itself.


With the Double Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) you have a comfortable mattress and affordable that’s delivered without a problem wherever you’re in England. It has a rating of soft-medium level in terms of firmness and a non-allergen mattress. The open coil spring type mattress with a five centimetres foam layer will definitely work and you’ll be using a product that conforms to both EU and UK safety standards. It’s great for everyday use.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an orthopaedic mattress then the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam might be a good idea considering chiropractors and doctors have recommended it highly as the foam mattress to go for. It easily conforms to the shape of your body while evenly dispersing your body weight. For a comfortable, better sleep in a hypoallergenic mattress with anti-dust mite properties, perhaps the Visco Therapy HL2000 Regular Memory Foam is a better choice than the Double Memory Foam Mattress 22cm Thick 4 foot 6.

For even better features the BEDZONLINE Mattress 7-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is a better choice than the Visco Therapy HL200 or the Double Memory Foam Mattress considering its ability to cater for seven zones of the human body that hugely need support enhancing spine health and ensuring quality sleep.