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Emma Vs Simba Mattress Review

Buying a new mattress is a big deal. Probably much bigger than you originally thought when you set out on your search. Not only will you be sleeping on this mattress for many years to come, but you will likely also be spending a lot of money on it.

There are a lot of places where you can find good quality mattresses. But some of the best available are from Emma and Simba. You will likely have seen these advertised across social media. They are very popular products and regularly pop up as sponsors for YouTubers and podcasters. But how good are these mattresses and which is the best?

Here’s our review of all the features that Emma and Simba mattresses have to offer. We have considered what is stuffed into every inch of these mattresses. They might seem pretty high tech for mattresses. But, when you consider that we spend around a third of our lives sleeping, what you sleep on suddenly becomes incredibly important.

Emma and Simba both offer multiple mattresses. But, to keep things simple, we will only review the Emma Original Mattress and the Simba Hybrid Mattress. Read on to find the best mattress for you, so you can finally have that good night’s sleep. 

Main Features Comparison Table

Emma Simba
Mattress Type Memory Foam Hybrid of Memory Foam and Springs
Mattress Depth 25cm 25cm
Price ££££ ££££
Cover Diamond-Shaped 100% polyester Knitted 100% Polyester
First Layer Airgocell Foam Open-cell Simba-Pure Foam
Second Layer Memory Foam Aerocoil Springs
Third Layer HRX Foam Memory Foam
Fourth Layer N/A Polyfoam

Mattress Makeup

Let’s look at how these mattresses are constructed. You might be aware that mattresses have a cover with springs and/or foam inside. But modern mattresses, especially those from Emma and Simba, have a lot more going on. 

Comparing the Covers

The Emma Mattress Cover

The top cover of the Emma Original Mattress is very technologically advanced. It is made from 100% polyester. But this polyester includes specialised fibres that help to regulate your body temperature. These also help to reduce humidity and so reduce the amount of water on the mattress. This will make the mattress last much longer. It will also keep you comfortable (no more flipping the pillow in the middle of the night to cool down).

The top cover is also removable. This might seem like a minor feature but it will make a big difference. Being able to remove and wash the cover of the mattress will help with hygiene and also make it last longer.

The bottom cover of the Emma mattress is made from a slightly different material. Whereas the top cover is soft, the bottom cover is made from a non-slip material. This material also allows for better air circulation. This will keep the material in good condition for longer. The bottom cover also has handles to make moving it easier.


The Simba Mattress Cover

The Simba mattress top cover, or “sleep surface”, is also made from a super soft and breathable polyester. Whereas the Emma mattress has a more standard diamond pattern, the Simba mattress has a unique knitted design. This is not just a pattern over the top, however, as the polyester has itself been knitted. 

But don’t worry, this isn’t like sleeping on top of a woolly jumper. This provides an incredibly soft and comfortable top cover. It is also hypoallergenic. 


Verdict: For the top cover, the Simba mattress just about comes out on top. Although the Emma mattress promises a comfortable and supportive sleep and has more practical features, the knitted surface of the Simba mattress just about takes the top spot.


The Layers 

So, what else is there beyond what you can see straight away? Here is exactly what is inside each of these mattresses and just what each of their impressive sounding names means.

First Layer

Emma Mattress

The first layer of the Emma mattress is made from a unique Airgocell foam. This foam is breathable and allows for air to flow easily through the mattress. This will provide a thick and bouncy foam. But will also absorb moisture. 

As well as the top cover, this first layer of foam also regulates temperature. So during hot summers, you will stay cool all night long, without finding yourself lying on top of a sweaty foam mattress.


Simba Mattress

The Simba mattress top layer has been designed to provide a mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. It promises a “cloud like comfort” that supports all body types. 

This layer is made from a foam which has graphite incorporated into it. The “open-cell” shape of the Simba foam layer will provide support, whereas the graphite provides cooling.


Verdict: The inclusion of graphite in the Simba mattress is an impressive innovation. But, when it comes to support, hygiene, airflow, and overall comfort, the Emma mattress comes out on top.


Second Layer


This layer would normally feature springs. But the Emma mattress has no springs at all. Instead, it features a very impressive memory foam layer.

This layer provides the support and comfort you would usually expect from memory foam. But the Emma mattress provides extra support with this pressure-relieving visco-elastic memory foam. This layer is promised to support every possible sleeping position and will distribute pressure evenly. So you won’t have to worry about dipping down awkwardly in the middle of the bed. 



The second layer of the Simba mattress is a layer that the Emma mattress doesn’t have. This is because the Emma mattress features memory foam and no springs. This layer of the Simba mattress is an additional spring layer. 

Although the Simba mattress features springs, these aren’t the large metal springs you might be imagining. This layer of the Simba mattress features titanium Aerocoil springs that are unique to Simba. 

This layer features 2,500 springs that allow for greater airflow and support. As well as these springs, the Simba mattress also features memory foam. This combination of springs and memory foam is what gives this mattress its “hybrid” name. 


Verdict: This is a difficult decision. The combination of springs and memory foam in the Simba mattress is impressive. But, we’re going to leave this verdict to you. Some people hail memory foam as providing the best possible sleep, whereas others cannot stand the feeling. So, the choice is entirely yours.


Third Layer


This layer makes up the majority of the Emma mattress. It is made from HRX foam. This is a foam made from polyurethane and is also known as cold foam. This is a high-density foam that will provide a great deal of support as well as comfort.

The most notable features of this foam layer are the indents. At various points along the very top of this layer, there are multiple indents of different sizes. This helps balance out the density of this very thick layer. The indents align with your spine to provide very specific support. 

This layer also incorporates point elastic. This means that only the areas of the mattress that are beneath you will move when you do. So, if you (or your partner) move around a lot in your sleep, you won’t disturb each other.



As mentioned before, the Simba mattress features a combination of springs and memory foam. But they are not combined in the same layer.

This layer of the Simba mattress features a memory foam unique to Simba. It is called the Simba-Pure foam. This provides an additional layer of comfort and support. This sits just below the springs and provides a softness beneath the titanium springs. 


Verdict: It’s difficult to draw a comparison between these two layers as they are so different. In the next section below, we compare this layer of the Emma mattress with the fourth layer of the Simba mattress. The Simba mattress wins on this occasion as the Emma mattress has fewer layers, none of which compare with this layer of the Simba mattress.


Fourth Layer


The Emma mattress doesn’t have another layer.



The final layer of the Simba mattress is closer to the third layer of the Emma mattress. Whereas the Emma mattress features varying indents of specific shapes, the indents on this mattress are all of the same size and shape. They are situated along the top and bottom of the top side of this foam. These will lie beneath your shoulder and your legs to provide additional support for your joints.


Verdict: Although the Emma mattress doesn’t feature a fifth layer, this layer of the Simba mattress can be compared to the fourth layer of the Emma mattress. Although the Simba mattress is made from a great material, the base layer of the Emma mattress is more specifically and carefully designed. Due to this extra consideration, the Emma mattress comes out on top for this main layer. 

Final Verdict

It’s difficult to come to a final conclusion over which mattress is better as they are both so similar, but with just one main difference.

The different materials and construction of the mattresses are important. But the main differences come down to the inclusion of springs and/or memory foam. This is an entirely personal preference. We can’t make a conclusion that, for example, “memory foam is better than springs” because you might find memory foam is too soft and doesn’t provide the same support as a spring mattress. Or you might feel the other way.

Due to this, we are tentatively saying that the Simba mattress comes out on top. This is because it has taken some of the best features of mattresses that are both comfortable and supportive to make a hybrid.

This means that you are essentially getting the best of both worlds. If you have loved memory foam since you first tried it and don’t want to revert to springs, then the Emma mattress is absolutely ideal for you.

But, if you find memory foam doesn’t provide you with the correct support. Or if you just want something a little different, we recommend the Simba mattress. It is all the rage and there are many good reasons for this.