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Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress Review

The Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress is a relative newcomer to the market. A luxurious version of the Original Hybrid, it has more layers, more springs, and more than a few added extras.

With that comes some a bit more on the price tag as well. Before buying any mattress you have to know that it’s going to be right for you.

A good mattress can combine softness, firmness, comfort, and durability – so you can get the best nights sleep possible. 

Our review looks at the construction, the price, and evaluates if all those new features are worth it. We want to ensure that you can make an informed decision about the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress.

The Basics

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is the most luxurious mattress offered by the Eve brand. Composed of a mixture of foam and springs, it uses multiple layers to offer you a high-end sleeping experience.

At 28 cm deep it’s larger than the industry average. This extra height comes from the combination of full sized springs and dense adaptable foams. 

The foam used is CertiPur certified, making it free from chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which damage the ozone layer. The top cover is independently certified by Oeko-tex, to ensure it’s free of anything harmful. The mattress complies with the UK standard for fire retardant materials, the BS7177.

The Eve Premium Hybrid is both designed and manufactured in the UK.

The Layers

The cover

The Eve Premium Hybrid comes with a silver lining – literally. The mattress is made of 97% polyester. 2% elastane, and 1% silver.

It’s not just there for decoration, either. The tiny silver threads are woven into the fabric to create an antibacterial and antimicrobial surface. The cover can also be unzipped and machine washed at 40°.

The Floatfoam® layer

The second layer is made of floatfoam®, an innovative new product. This layer is designed for comfort and softness, so as soon as you climb into bed you feel relaxed. 

The memory foam layer

The second foam layer is memory foam. Designed to hug the body, memory foam adapts to your sleeping style to provide optimum comfort.

Both the memory foam and floatfoam® layer are infused with graphite to add an extra cooling property. When your body gets too hot, the graphite actively removes the heat.

The support layer 

This foam layer is the firmest so far. Where the first two are optimised for comfort, this is here to give you support.

The firmness keeps your spine aligned overnight, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

The foam casing

Yes, another foam layer. Actually, there’s two of these, one above the springs, and one below. First and foremost, they’re there to protect the all-important springs.

This foam casing also provides backup support to the previous layer. They help keep the sides firm, so you won’t start dipping at the edges.

The spring layer

The springs are one of the most important components of keeping your mattress supportive and comfortable.

Thankfully, the Eve Premium Hybrid has 1500 of them, and they’re all full-sized at 12 cm. The space between the springs improves airflow, so the mattress is super breathable. These springs are ready to adapt to your every toss, turn, and wiggle.

The base

The Eve Premium Hybrid finishes it all off with the anti-slip base. The non-slip casing keeps everything in your mattress stable and in one place, to better adapt to your movement.

The Firmness

The Eve Premium Hybrid is medium firm. This is the average for mattresses, and it works for a variety of sleeping positions. It’s also good for people who share a bed, as it’s most likely to suit everyone’s needs.

The medium-firmness of the mattress keeps pressure off your spine during the night. Particularly useful for those who toss and turn, this gives support no matter where you are.

The multiple foam layers give the mattress a soft feel, so at first you may not notice the support given. This also works with your movement during the night.

Side sleepers and back sleepers will find the mattress adapts to them. It should be noted that some front sleepers may find the mattress doesn’t provide quite the same level of support they need. The same for people with heavier builds.

Designed for your ultimate comfort, the Eve Premium Hybrid is aiming to hit that sweet spot between support and softness. They achieve it by mixing up the density and the give. This mattress should adapt itself to how you sleep, applying pressure and giving way where needed.

The Cooling Properties

If you regularly find yourself waking up overheated then the Eve Premium Hybrid may be what you’re looking for.

The first two layers of foam contain graphite, infused into the material. Graphite pulls the heat away from the body to remove it, so you can get cool and stay cool.

Pocket springs are naturally cooling as well, as the spacing allows for good airflow and breathability. 

Temperature is very important to sleep. Too hot, and you may find yourself waking up in the night. The Eve Premium Hybrid uses both foam layers and spring layers to keep you cool.

The Movement

One of the many advantages to all those foam layers is in creating a mattress that limits transfer of movement.

If you sleep next to a disturbing partner, (or you move about yourself), then the memory foam layer absorbs the excess movement. Memory foam has a slow reaction, so it stays in place even as you jostle about.

The Design

Sleek and understated, the Eve Premium Hybrid is classy to look at. The quilted cover not only provides additional comfort, but it looks good as well.

White on top with muted grey sides, the Eve might not be doing anything bold, but it understands classics are classics for a reason. The bright yellow zip adds a pop of colour, and helps the mattress stand out. 

You may not buy a mattress for the design, but the simple style of the Eve Premium Hybrid certainly doesn’t hurt.

It does come with 6 handles, but they aren’t very well located. The Eve Premium Hybrid is a heavy mattress – it has to be, with all those layers. While the handles aid movement, it is still difficult to transport.

Trial Period and Guarantee

Eve offers a 100 night trial period. This means that once you’ve bought your bed, you have 100 nights to try it and decide if it’s right for you.

If within that time period you change your mind, you can return and refund, no questions asked. This is particularly reassuring for the Eve Premium Hybrid, which only comes in the one firmness.

What counts as firm is different for everyone, and depends greatly on your build and how you sleep. It’s relaxing to know you have the opportunity to change your mind.

Eve also offer a 10-year guarantee. This does come fairly standard across the industry, but it offers peace of mind. It’s also a good assurance of quality. You can sleep better knowing Eve believes your bed will be good for at least 10 years.


Eve promises free delivery for the majority of customers, but there may be a charge for some harder to reach areas.

They promise a speedy delivery, and they will deliver to the room of your choice. The Eve Premium Hybrid comes vacuum sealed in a box, so if you don’t want room delivery, it’s easy to get upstairs.

Once unsealed and rolled out, the mattress should be left for a few hours to breathe. This gives it a chance to take in air after being so tightly sealed. You may notice a slight chemical smell at first. This is normal with foam mattresses, and should fade within a few days at most.

As well as delivery, Eve also offer a mattress removal service. For a small additional charge, when they come to deliver your new mattress, Eve will remove your old one and recycle it. You don’t have to do anything, just be there to open the door. 

Size and Price

Unfortunately, the Eve Premium Hybrid only comes in 3 sizes. These are double, king, and super king. There’s no single option available, and they don’t offer any EU sizes either. Whether they’ll expand the range in the future is unsure. 

The Eve Premium Hybrid is a premium mattress, and with that comes a higher price point. The price does reflect the quality, but if you were hoping for a budget option then this isn’t the place to look.

The prices are subject to change, but the double generally retails for around £1000. Eve does regularly offer a discount codes, so it’s a good idea to have a look around.


Eve accepts payment from:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro
  • American Express
  • PayPal
  • You can also pay on finance.

Final Thoughts: Should you buy the Eve Premium Hybrid Mattress?

The Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a comfortable and supportive design. The multiple foam layers move with you as you sleep, moulding to your form to offer much needed spinal support. 

If you find you overheat at night, the Eve offers a cooler experience. Infused with graphite, it’s naturally self-cooling.

In fact, the Eve Premium Hybrid has a lot of fancy features you might not understand but do feel the benefits of. The silver keeps the mattress cleaner, the graphite is cooler, and the floatfoam® creates an immediate softness. Is it all worth it?

The price of the Eve Premium Hybrid is understandably high. You really do get what you pay for. However, there are cheaper options that offer better value for the money (including in the Eve range itself). For the price, you’re also taking a gamble with the firmness. Even if you can return within 100 days, it’s frustrating the options are limited.

If you move about in the night, then the Eve Premium Hybrid mattress is a perfect choice, The layers keeps movement transference to a minimum, the springs keep the mattress firm all the way around, and the medium-firmness provides good support for all sleeping positions. As a bonus, the graphite properties will keep you from overheating. 

If you prefer a firmer or softer mattress, then it’s best to look elsewhere.