Eve UK King Mattress White and Yellow

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When it comes to a mattress, keeping it very simple is critical yet packing it with all the right features. This is what Eve has done with the Eve UK King Mattress 200 x 150 x 25 cm (Amazon Link). It’s a unique piece of design, beautifully done with the main aim of simplifying life to let you have more time to rest better. At times, finding the best mattress meeting your needs is not as easy as we might want to think. Hundreds of choices, ambiguous uninspiring jargon and salesy options can leave you even more lost.  With the Eve UK King Size Mattress in white and yellow you’re not just bringing home the highest possible quality materials but a unique experience like no other.


  • Doorstep delivered inside a unique EVE box-arrives vacuum sealed and compressed rolled neatly inside a box. Unwrapping the mattress at home or in the bedroom allows it to simply expand to its normal size in a couple of hours and there’s no need of wedging, angling or manoeuvring a gigantic mattress up the stairs in the thinnest of hallways
  • Free delivery-delivered into your UK home free of charge and any return during the trial period won’t cost you anything
  • Mattress supports the body and keeps one comfortable while sleeping no matter the type of bed it’s placed on
  • Three foam layers-mattress is made up of three unique foam layers, a characteristic of all Eve mattresses with plush fabric cover surrounding it to offer a medium-firm level of support, comfort and enhanced breathability
  • Highest quality materials used to make the product
  • Exclusively assembled within the UK
  • Arrives in your home with a trial for 100 nights-the free returns during this time are after 100 days after you’ve received the shipment
  • Product dimensions are 200x150x25cm
  • Item weighs 22 kilograms
  • Memory foam with Laevo Foam features
  • Decade guarantee-mattress has a 10-year guarantee
  • Temperature control-unique memory foam used is highly breathable than most typical foams out there and offers a bouncy refreshing sleep and a cooler one
  • Mattress supports the body and eases pressure points
  • Improves alignment to rejuvenate and recharge the body
  • White and yellow in colour
  • Anti-dust mite-ensures allergy sufferers are also catered for
  • Foam materials used are certified by CertiPur
  • The cover is certified by Oeko-Tex Class 1
  • Base layer is 16.5cm Reflex ultra-resilient foam
  • Cooling layer breathable is 3.5cm open-pore tech made
  • Top new generation type of memory foam is 4cm


  • Comfortable
  • Offers superb support while asleep
  • Features special layering system
  • Includes three foam layers for medium-firm support
  • Plush fabric cover surrounds it
  • Made from top quality materials
  • UK made product
  • Free delivery
  • Arrives neatly rolled, compressed and vacuum-sealed in its packaging
  • 100 day trial with free returns if unsatisfied with the mattress within that period
  • A creation of award-winning designers
  • A perfect balance of durability, coolness and comfort
  • Allergy sufferers catered for by anti-dust mite features
  • Breathable mattress
  • Superb 10-year guaranteed warranty
  • Eases pressure points
  • Enhances body alignment
  • Complete memory foam with zero additives


  • A customer has complained about the packaging arriving a little dirty
  • The smell though disappears fast can be uncomfortable at the beginning
  • Soft and bouncy and not for anyone looking for a firm mattress


The Eve UK King Mattress (Amazon Link) like other Eve mattresses boasts a three-foam layer with a plush fabric cover surrounding it. The plush cover is stretchable two-way polyester providing a soft and delicate soft surface that accentuates the memory foam effects beneath it. The side yellow fabric is breathable and cooler with superb airflow qualities with a little mesh kind of spacer allowing air to keep circulating all night. The sides and cover materials are certified by Oeko-Tex, industry experts who’ve approved and tested them.

This memory foam king size mattress has a contouring feature, a unique responsive feature for better comfort and support as it contours to the human body form in the process relieving pressure points, encouraging movement even as one sleeps. The mattress’s core has a breathable cooling layer that reduces perspiration while the supportive layer on the base is a high-density type that ensures the above layers are well fortified.

Such a unique base also ensures the bounce is just right and presses all the right areas of your back for better health and relaxation. It’s available at an affordable price and effectively balances durability, coolness and comfort with a standard bounce. It anti-dust mite properties mean the allergic are well covered.


Of course, the Eve UK King Mattress 200 x 150 x 25 cm in yellow and white is a quality mattress with unique features. If you’re looking for something different or want to contrast the Eve King mattress you can take a peek at the Bamboo Vitality 2000 Pocket Sprung Memory and Reflex Foam Mattress (Amazon Link). The bamboo fibres have enhanced the product adding to lots of its benefits. It’s hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and anti-bacterial as well as featuring natural enhanced insulation leaving the mattress dry and fresh.

For support, the Bamboo Vitality Mattress is supported with a huge count of pocket springs that independently work to ensure the weight has been distributed equally right through the mattress ensuring two people sharing it won’t disturb one another. It’s also a fire retardant and non-turn mattress great for any home. No need to turn it to try and extend its longevity.


Eve UK King Mattress (Amazon Link) is a uniquely crafted and made type of mattress featuring next-generation engineering in memory foam. It combines three layers for the ultimate benefits of great relaxing sleep and rejuvenation. If a high count pocket sprung mattress is what you seek, perhaps the Bamboo Vitality 2000 Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress (Amazon Link) is a product worth taking a look at and also packed with immense properties and features guaranteeing a wonderful night’s sleep when you need it.