How Often Should You Turn Your Mattress?

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Everyone wants to keep their mattress well maintained and cared for. Still, most people don’t take the steps necessary to keep their mattress in the best condition possible. Turning your mattress over is one crucial way to keep your mattress free of lumps and other signs of age. But how often should you be turning your mattress over? In this article, we will be answering this question. We will tell you when you should turn your mattress, and why this task is so important for your bed. We will also discuss some of the benefits of this practice.

Flip Your Mattress Over Routinely 

Most sleep experts recommend flipping your mattress over routinely. At the very least, you want to flip or rotate them every three months. You can rotate your bed every three months, and flip it twice a year. Sometimes though, this number can vary. If you feel bumps or sags in your bed, you can flip your mattress over more often. In short, do this regularly, but use your judgment and turn your mattress according to its needs.

Not every mattress should be flipped over. Read the tag on your bed to make sure your mattress is okay to flip. Some beds only need to be rotated. What this means is that you move the head of your bed to the foot of your bed. You don’t flip it over, just move it 180 degrees. This helps with structure and spinal alignment when you sleep.

Other mattresses with memory foam, like the Tempur-Pedic, will not need to be flipped. This is also true of Sleep Number beds. On the whole, older mattresses and double-sided mattresses will need to be flipped regularly. We will go into more detail on double-sided mattresses later on in the article.

How To Know When to Flip Your Mattress Over

As we mentioned, you might have to flip your mattress more or less depending on a few factors. The first thing to ask yourself is how often your bed is being used. If you use a mattress every night or frequently throughout the day, you will need to stick to the three-month rule.

On the other hand, if a mattress is only being slept on occasionally you won’t have to flip the bed as often. Maybe you have a guest bed or a bed that is only used part of the year by your child who is coming back from college. In these cases, you can flip your bed every six months without issue.

Another question to ask yourself when turning a mattress is who is sleeping on the bed. If your bed is less balanced it might need to be rotated or flipped more. If you sleep alone, one side of your mattress is now uneven. You will be getting less support as a result. If you sleep with someone else in your bed, and they weight more or less than you, unevenness is also created in the mattress.

Again, flipping a mattress is meant to even out the shape of your bed and make it last longer. Consider all the various factors that could be making your bed uneven. And if your mattress is getting lumpy flip it.

Benefits of Mattress Turning 

After a few years, your mattress might not feel the same. Mattresses are springy and new when you first buy them and bring them home. Over the years though, our weight impacts the shape and integrity of our beds. Mattress turning is one way to prevent your mattress from losing comfort and support. No one wants a sagging bed.

When you flip your bed over, you lessen the chances of this happen. You also give your mattress more years of use! You want the wear and tear on your bed to be evenly distributed. When you rotate a bed or flip it, you are putting less wear on one side of your bed and evening it out between both sides.  

Turning your mattress also has health benefits. When you lie down on your bed, your body leaves an imprint. This imprint distorts the shape of your mattress and makes it less supportive for your back. When you opt to turn your mattress, you keep your bed more level and better equipped to keep your spine straight and well-aligned. Keep this in mind when you contemplate turning your mattress over.

What if I Have a Double-Sided Mattress?

If you have a double-sided mattress you are going to want to flip it ever three months. Double-sided mattresses give you twice the comfort. These beds are made to be rotated and flipped. Both sides are filled with support and cushioning. Some mattresses even have different levels of firmness depending on the side you use.

To get the most out of these products, you’ll want to flip them over. In fact, they were made to be rotated. For quality double-sided mattresses visit our site. We have reviewed all the best mattress products on our blog! You can see our post on double-sided mattresses here:

How Should I Flip My Mattress

Again, check to make sure that you can flip your mattress. Once you have confirmed this, you can continue. To start, you need to remove everything from your bed. This includes bedding and anything used to cover your bed. Make sure furniture is out of the way as well. And if your mattress is heavy get someone to help you.

Don’t flip it all the way over right away. Rotate your bed by 90 degrees. Afterward, put your bed on its side, and then lower it down so it is flipped over. Rotate the bed another ninety degrees so it fits over your bed frame again. This method makes it much easier to turn your bed over. Doing it this way also rotates your bed. So you can kill two birds with one stone.

You want your bed to stay as comfortable as possible, for as many years as possible. So keep your bed well maintained by turning it and rotating it!