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Simpur Dermo Organic Therapy Memory Mattress Review

If you suffer from upper respiratory breathing difficulties, then you should know that this organic mattress in the UK may be the saviour when it comes to your sleep. Simpur Relax designed an organic mattress that will improve your life. It is an organic mattress, ideal for sufferers of asthma, or upper respiratory breathing difficulties. It doesn’t have anything in its composition that will cause you allergies. It’s anti-allergenic, anti-dust mite and anti-bacteria. But this is not all there is to the fabric – it is breathable, thanks to the special built-in air vents. Since it will be adequately ventilated, it will always be fresh.

No Odours thanks to Moisture Absorption

Let’s be fair; nobody likes sleeping on a mattress that smells. Simpur Relax made this organic mattress in the UK so it can absorb moisture and not allow bad smells to settle in. One way it does this is through the temperature regulating feature of the fabric. Since it is breathable, it allows your skin to breathe and ensures you will not sweat during your sleep. The Carbono therapy with particles has the ability to absorb moisture and odors so the Simpur Relax organic mattress will be dry at all times. There`s a luxury soft-touch stretch quilted knit cover for extra comfort and luxury. It is soft to ensure you will feel outstanding comfort while sleeping on it and suitable for sensitive skin.

Multilayered Mattress

This Simpur Dermo Organic Therapy Memory Foam Mattress is multilayered, with each layer contributing to your comfort in a different way. The quilted knit cover will bring softness into your life, while the rest will make sure to support your body by maintaining its correct position. Since you don’t want your back, neck, and shoulders to be painful when you wake up in the morning, this organic mattress uk will prevent that from happening. The firmness, combined with outstanding comfort, will be a total blessing. Be aware that the mattress will arrive vacuum packed in a box and rolled for additional protection and easier handling. Leaving it to inflate after arrival is required.


  • 5-year guarantee
  • ISO 9001, Cetem and Oeko-tex certification
  • It is suitable for sensitive skin
  • Breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-mite
  • Bedbugs proof
  • High-quality
  • It comes vacuum-packed and rolled
  • High density

Customer Reviews and Ratings

Users have chosen this organic mattress in the UK thanks to the impressive benefits it offers, all for a reasonable price. They were most impressed by the high quality offered by the mattress, and how better they were able to sleep on it. It is very comfortable and they would recommend it to everyone. (Click here if you want to check out more features on Amazon)

Final Thoughts

This is a great organic mattress uk if you want good value for the price. Not only it is breathable and able to cool down, but it also feels luxurious, and you will get fantastic comfort.