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Simpur Elixir Supreme Memory Foam Mattress Review

When you are searching for the best mattress, you want to make sure you will enjoy it for a long time. Luckily, you won’t have any worries if you are buying the Simpur Elixir Supreme Memory Foam Mattress from Simpur. The construction is quality using temperature regulating knitted fabric. Special stretch fabric with special natural fibre, material a positive environment for healthy skin. It is knitted, and apart from being beneficial for healthy skin, it is also environmentally friendly. When it arrives, this Simpur Relax elixir supreme mattress on sale is vacuum-packed and rolled. You won’t be able to use it immediately – you will have to allow 1-2 days to expand to its original size fully, however, it’s worth waiting for.

It Offers Medium-Firm Support

One of the highlights when it comes to this particular mattress from Simpur Relax Elixir is the firmness. Considering it is made from memory foam with high density naturally fresh with rest foam, the mattress offers a medium-firm level of support. That being said, it is suitable for most people who want their back pain to be a thing of the past. But that’s not all – this Simpur Relax elixir supreme mattress is multi-layered. There is a special block of high-density PURE-COMFORT foam. This is responsible for the breathability, thanks to the fact that it has air vents. There is also a luxury touch ELIXIR SUPREME quilted knit cover.

Worth mentioning is also the fact that there is an 11-zoned support system. This zoned support system is a necessity because it will help serve people who suffer from back pain. This memory foam mattress double will have specific parts of your body supported – thus; they will be aligned in a normal position.

Temperature Regulation for a Better Sleep

This memory foam mattress double, won’t make you feel like your bed has that burning feeling due to overheating. On the contrary, it will regulate body temperature so that you stay fresh and will sleep uninterrupted. This is thanks to the mattress using breathability materials; allowing air to circulate ensures that heat is not trapped but dissipated.


  • Medium-firm
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Certified Oeko-tex, Certipur, and ISO-9001
  • 11-zoned support system
  • Vacuum packed and rolled
  • 5-year guarantee
  • Temperature regulating
  • Knitted fabric
  • Breathable

What Buyers Thought about the Mattress

Online users who reviewed this memory foam mattress double found it to be very comfortable overall. The mattress improved the quality of their sleep and that it is of outstanding value for money paid. Delivered in a short space of time, and that they had to let it expand, but once it did, it was extremely comfortable. The overall rating of this model is high. Make sure to read what customers are saying on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong with this Simpur Relax Elixir supreme if you buy it. Its breathable,  hypoallergenic, it feels soft and comfortable. At the same time, it has the necessary firmness level to keep your body in a correct sleeping position, preventing potential back pain from ruining your daily life.