What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

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When it comes to the act of sleep, most of us either do it on our front, our back or our sides. Whichever one you fall under, it’s always useful to think about what kind of mattress you sleep on so your rest is improved and not made uncomfortable or hindered in any way. Although according to the National Bed Foundation, the best position for sleeping is lying on your back.

Despite this, most people have their own preferences or habits (be them good or bad) that they have developed over the years. This is why many people take to sleeping on their side, as it’s the halfway point between back and front but without some of the problems, such as not being able to get comfortable on your back, or the fact that sleeping on your front can make it quite hard to breathe sometimes! No matter what position you start in, odds are you will toss and turn while sleeping, ending up on your hips or sides at least one point during the night. With that in mind, this article focuses on side sleepers and the best choices for them, as their movements and body parts they rest on apply to a large number of people. This list of 5 best mattresses for side sleepers is referenced from this very helpful article: https://bestmattress.co.uk/best-mattress-for-side-sleepers-uk/.

Without further ado, we’ll dive in!

Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Soft Side Sleeper Mattress

We’ll start with the most popular mattress on the market. The Silentnight 7-Zone Memory Foam Rolled Medium Soft Side Sleeper Mattress (that sure is a mouthful) is the most reviewed out of all others on this list by customers from all kinds of competitors, and reviews are overwhelmingly positive! It weighs 18kg and measures 135cm in width and 190cm in length, with 20cm in height – quite generous for a double mattress!


  • This is a very comfortable mattress, with the memory foam allowing you to sink in and take pressure away from your hips and shoulders, the main areas that side sleepers lie on. You don’t sink down too far though, as the zone support technology provides a supportive base that allows for a little bit of solidness beneath the initial soft, sinking layers, despite itself being a dense layer of foam!
  • The interior of the mattress is lined with a high quality knitted cover, which is soft and allows for breathability. This is treated with Purotex, allowing healthy bacteria to do its job of preventing odour from accumulating, as well as warding off dust mites and other allergens.
  • Next day delivery is always a bonus. The price also includes a 5-year manufacture warranty, and being made in the UK means it is fire retardant and free from toxins whilst being made.


  • If there are issues in your room with mould and humidity, a mattress made entirely out of memory foam is probably best avoided.

Bedzonline Open Coil Memory Foam Medium Soft Mattress

Bedzonline’s open coil memory foam medium soft mattress is a mixture between memory foam and open coil, allowing for a lot of freedom and movement. It’s a very affordable option that comes in 4 sizes, with the standard double weighing 20kg and measuring 135cm in width by 190cm in length, and 20cm in height.


  • The combination of coils and memory foam has sufficient padding to allow for maximum comfort when lying down, and the pairing of the two takes away from some of the negative aspects of having purely foam (issues with breathability) and purely coils (can be quite uncomfortable and squeaky).
  • It comes in 4 sizes; the standard double, the small double, the king size and the single size.
  • A surprisingly comfortable mattress, slightly firmer than SilentNight’s model but still very soft compared to other medium-firm mattresses.


  • Warranty isn’t included, but given the cheap price, that’s to be expected!

Visco Therapy Memory Foam 1000 Rolled Side Sleeper Mattress

Visco’s therapy foam mattress is a model to look at if you’re looking for something that is medium-firm but veers towards the softer side. It is comprised of two dense memory foam layers, sandwiched between extra polyester padding on top and non-slip fabric on the bottom. It weighs 20kg and its dimensions measure 135cm in width and 190cm in length, with a height of 20cm.


  • High-quality memory foam makes up the thick, main layer and a 3cm base support layer with very high density, allowing for reinforced layers of comfort.
  • A wonderful thing about this mattress is the ability to remove the cover fully. This means you can physically wash it regularly and have a fresh smelling and clean mattress for years on end!
  • It is very affordable and manufactured in the UK which means it benefits from being flame-retardant and made in safe conditions free of toxins.
  • Delivery is free and a Visco Therapy warranty leaflet is included!


  • Not quite as soft as other mattresses on the list

Dormeo Memory Deluxe Side Sleeper Mattress

The Dormeo Memory Deluxe Side Sleeper is made in Italy and is one of the finest choices in the side-sleeping category. Four size options are available, each measuring 21cm in height, with the standard double measuring 135cm wide by 190cm long and weighing 22.8kg.


  • 2 layers of memory foam make up this mattress; the upper layer is 4cm thick and made of visco-elastic quality material, while the core layer is 16cm thick of Ecocell foam.
  • The mattress feels very comfortable, simultaneously feeling soft and supportive. The memory foam layers distribute the weight of your body evenly without you sinking too far down.
  • Carbon fibres are woven into the surface for protection against dust mites and other allergy triggers.
  • The foam layer on the top is highly sensitive and, impressively, no matter how much pressure is applied, doesn’t affect the other side of the bed. The weight is always distributed evenly.


  • It has a higher price than its competing models, evidenced by a lower number of reviews on Amazon UK in comparison; however the warranty for the memory foam double deluxe is a whopping 15 years; hard to complain about!

Bedzonline Damask Pocket Spring Medium Soft Mattress

This is the most affordable model on the list, and surprisingly it may offer the best support for those who wish to sleep on their side! The standard double size mattress weighs 22kg and measures 135cm wide by 190cm long, with a height of 22cm.


  • This is a very affordable mattress with all the benefits of some of the slightly more expensive options, such as the distribution of weight and support.
  • The king-size model contains up to 2000 springs, each wrapped in separate pockets and stuffed with quality cotton fillings. The springs aren’t just shoved in haphazardly but are placed strategically to offer adequate support for hips and joints for those who are sleeping on their sides.
  • The damask fabric in the mattress is very breathable and is the preferable alternative to memory foam if you are concerned about mould and odour.
  • It is very sturdy and built with structural integrity in mind; it’s not likely to sag if 1 out of 2000 coil springs breaks!
  • Manufactured in the UK, it adheres to all the safest and up to date safety regulations, e.g. fire-resistant and toxin-free.


  • There’s no warranty, but given the price and structural integrity, you probably won’t need it. The 50+ positive Amazon reviews can attest to that!

Our Verdict

The side sleep is the most common position, and as such, it puts a lot of pressure on parts of your body such as your hips, shoulders, elbow or thighs. The problem occurs when your weight is unevenly distributed amongst the mattress, leading to some points sinking lower than others which causes pain and stiffness which is noticeable upon waking up. Medium to soft mattresses are best for side sleepers, as strain isn’t put on the hips and shoulders as weight is more evenly distributed. With that said, proper alignment of your spine still needs to be supported, so ideally a mattress made entirely of just springs isn’t much good either as it would provide an uneven surface.

The best mattress for side sleepers is one that combines the softness and cushiness of a memory foam mattress with the sturdiness and even weight distribution of a firmer mattress. Each model on this list matches that description, so aside from testing how they are to lie on, some other factors such as price, weight, size and what they are made of are the remaining factors in the decision. Whatever you decide to choose, it should be something that supports your body and is totally comfortable in order to give you the best night’s sleep your money can buy. Oh, and something that lasts a long time is always a good idea too!