Do mattresses have a weight limit

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Bodyweight should never be something to be ashamed of in one’s own bedroom. It is, however, an important factor to consider when selecting a new mattress in hopes of having a positive long term sleep experience.

People who do find themselves to be in the above-average spectrum (over 104 kilos), tend to prefer a thicker mattress where the weight can be supported with extra cushioning and padding.

Areas of the body that tend to gather more weight such as the abdomen, hips, or legs will be more comfortable at night resting on a thicker mattress. The sleep surfaces on these mattresses will help align the spine and alleviate the stress on certain pressure points
without creating an excessively saggy mattress.

There are no mattresses designed specifically for larger sleepers, but there is a wide variety of beds that are firm enough to withstand a heavier individual.

Memory Foam Mattresses
If by chance you do happen to be carrying around a little extra weight, memory foam mattresses are often referred to as a good option for heavier individuals. Their thicker material with multiple layers of foam will be very supportive and comforting to people of a heavier body type.

Most memory foam mattresses do not have a set weight limit but the foundations of the mattress, the box springs or bed frames, do. Many box springs have a weight limit of up to 136 kilos although there is a good amount that handles up to 204 kilos.

Heavier individuals may want a memory foam mattress that has a minimum of 25 centimetres thick. This helps the user avoid sinking too far down into the memory foam.

What makes memory foam so great for heavier sleepers is that their multiple layers of foam are available in different densities that are customized for individual needs.

Hybrid Mattresses
Hybrid mattresses are another type of mattress that is beneficial to a heavier sleeper. Hybrid mattresses are great for larger people due to their combination of foam, supportive pocket coils, and added springs for support.

These types of mattresses have no designated weight limit. There are hybrid mattresses offered with heights at 38 centimeters that encompasses a larger range of various weights.

Hybrid designed mattresses have a blend of materials such as memory, poly, latex foams, and innersprings. While being supportive to their users, the mattress is relatively quick responding and still comfortable.

Innerspring Mattresses
Although innerspring mattresses are not the expected mattress to be good for heavy sleepers, there are options for bigger individuals looking for a good support system.

As coils to tend to yield more to individuals with a larger body type, it is recommended that the mattress has multiple layers of springs to ensure optimal support and stability. Coil gauge should also be taken into consideration as the thickness of the wire will help the coil to last longer for future use.

The coil gauge is the thickness of the wire that the innerspring is made of. Contrary to what logic says, the lower the number, the thicker the wire is. This means the wire will be more durable when subject to a larger amount of weight.

The number of coils themselves is definitely another thing to consider when shopping for pocket spring or inner coil mattress. These types of mattresses do go up to 3000 pocket springs which will result in better contouring to the shape of a larger sized body.

Out of all the mattress types, innerspring mattresses will have the greatest amount of edge support available. Sitting on the edge of a mattress occurs just as frequently as flopping head first onto the centre of the mattress. As a heavier individual, the last thing people want is to sink down several inches when sitting on the edge of the bed.

Latex Mattresses
Latex Mattresses are rising in extreme durability in the mattress spectrum. On average, they last a lot longer than any type of other mattresses, especially if made with organic or natural latex.

There are no specific weight limits to latex mattresses. In terms of comfort, latex mattresses do not change their temperature easily meaning it will not be affected by the body or the temperature of the room.

Latex mattresses are also not as soft as memory foam which guarantees easy mobility on the surface.

Good Mattress Qualities
When it does come down to being a heavy individual, one aspect of a good mattress will be the quality of the materials used to make it. Certain aspects of an aged mattress may occur faster depending on the size of the individual.

The key things to look for when searching for a sturdy mattress are:

● Material quality and durability
● Firmness
● Support
● Thickness
● Heat Retention

When analyzing the different aspects of a mattress, it’s all about firmness and support. The firmer a mattress is, the less a heavy person will sink into it. When you sink less into a mattress, there will be a lesser chance of leaving a huge imprint into the surface of the material.

Mattress manufacturers are the ones who implement their own ideas on how to make a mattress better for a heavier person. They will have certain features such as stronger side rails or more supportive slats and coils to help weight distribution.

The ones who sleep hot at night will feel best in a mattress that doesn’t have them sink too far down. The deeper you sink into your bed, the more body heat will be retained inside.

A few guidelines in searching for a cooler yet supportive mattress are:
● Innerspring and hybrids will feel cooler at night over any type of foam based mattress
● Open cell memory foam, gel, and cooling layers can help facilitate air flow
● Individually wrapped coils will allow for more air to pass through

There are mattress covers available that will help cool its user down more. Gel toppers especially will have a cooling touch.

Depending on how you sleep, mattress stores can recommend their top picks based on what sleeping position you may have. Different sleeping positions mean a difference in weight distribution access the mattress surface. Recommendations can be made based on where you want the most firmness and supportive material.

Top Mattress Brands for Heavier People

  1. Sleep Factory 3000
    ● Memory Foam
    ● Orthopedic
    ● 25 cm
  2. Simpur Relax
    ● Memory foam
    ● 30 cm
    ● High density and special reflex foam layers
  3. Simpur Relax Gold Threaded
    ● 25 cm
    ● High-quality side-stitched border
    ● Bio natural foam for improved temperature regulation
  4. Happy Beds 3000
    ● Orthopaedic
    ● Pocket Sprung and Memory foam
    ● Medium tension
  5. Rest Assured Silentnight Brodsworth
    ● Pocket sprung mattress and Memory foam: 2000 springs
    ● 25 cm
    ● Self-cleaning mattress cover for eliminating mould and dust mites