What is the best thickness for a memory foam mattress topper?

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Memory foam mattresses are one of the most well known mattresses across the world due to its body contouring properties and soft springy surface.

Memory foam mattresses are thought to be a more recent technology but NASA actually discovered it in the early 1970s. It was originally developed and used for airplane seats but broadly became recognized as a soft and durable material for people with aching joints and back pain thus being converted into mattress form.

Memory foam is popular for several reasons:
● People say they have found a reduction in tossing and turning at night; the leading cause of poor sleep
● The user’s body weight is distributed evenly and helps support the body without applying too much pressure in any one area
● The soft foam doesn’t strain or stress any areas of the body, making it feel restorative
● Memory foam mattresses are based on allergen resistant materials

Memory Foam Mattress Toppers: Do I Need One?
Any mattress topper is used for adding an additional layer of comfort to the user’s bed. Memory foam topper pads are traditionally used for people with chronic pain like arthritis and fibromyalgia. For the ordinary person who just experiences small aches and pains after waking up, the memory foam mattress topper is just an additional layer that offers comfort and support.

The biggest consideration before getting a mattress topper for your memory foam mattress is based on the quality of your existing mattress. The topper will essentially conform to whatever surface it is placed on. If your memory foam mattress is sagging or indented, or just old overall, then your mattress topper will do you little to no good and you should just get a new mattress.

Overall, any mattress topper isn’t absolutely necessary unless you are looking for additional support and comfort without the necessary cost of buying an entirely new mattress. The cooling advantages of having one may also be a good factor if you or your partner run hot at night.

Mattress Toppers

There is a huge variety of mattress toppers out there such as:
● Cooling mattress toppers
● Pillow top mattress toppers
● Latex mattress toppers
● Feather mattress toppers
● Fibre mattress toppers
● Wool mattress toppers
● Organic mattress toppers
Memory foam mattress toppers

So why choose a memory foam mattress topper over all of these other variations?

The memory foam mattress toppers have proven to be the most back supportive and durable for people of all ages and sizes. The body contouring properties of memory foam allow for the user to feel like they’re noticeably being supported making them the best-selling mattress topper.

Benefits of Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

  1. Dust Mites Beware
    About 20 million Americans alone are allergic to the pesky little things we call dust mites. These little microscopic buggers are unseen to the eye but the sound of constant sneezing is a situation many people know all too well. Besides the memory foam mattress being made of allergenic resistant materials, the memory foam mattress topper will only further prevent the dust mites from gathering up inside your mattress.
  2. Sleeping it Cool
    As any other user knows, the memory foam mattress isn’t exactly the greatest partner in keeping it cool. One of the benefits of getting a mattress topper for your memory foam mattress is that it will provide a somewhat cooling relief because your body heat will be shielded from the heat-storing properties of the memory foam mattress.
  3. Back Support
    Depending on the density and depth of the mattress topper, the quality overall will be better and more supportive for any user with back pain or aches in the morning. A high-quality memory foam mattress topper will offer yet another layer of soft supportive comfort to the mattress and will add durability to the mattress, allowing for it to last longer as well.
  4. Reduces Motion Transfer
    Everyone knows that if the partner is tossing and turning, the likelihood of you waking up as well is unfortunately high. Many people have problems with getting a good night’s sleep for themselves when their partner is being so restless and the mattress itself is shaking. The additional layer of soft foam will cushion their body and let it sink deeper into their individual space. This reduces noise from the mattress itself and the movement that comes from the twisting bed mate.

Deciding Factors
Like any choice we make in our lives, there are always factors that need to be considered. This too is included with selecting your very own memory foam mattress topper.

Density and firmness are the key factors in making sure you get the right level of comfort that you want.

In most scenarios, memory foam mattress toppers are available in 3 sizes of thickness:
● 2 inches thick
● 3 inches thick
● 4 inches thick

2-inch thick topper
This is the thinnest option available that gives your memory foam mattress its comfort and additional softness.

The thinnest mattress topper should only be considered when you have a new or fairly new memory foam mattress that has its support, but you just want that assurance of an extra soft feel.

3-inch thick topper
Just an inch of additional memory foam adds more support and comfort to your mattress. It is a tad bit firmer and bulkier in comparison to its 2-inch counterpart, allowing for it to be the better choice for its user who needs extra support for their body.

Any mattress facing any minor sagging or indentations will benefit from this type of mattress topper.

4-inch thick topper
Any person looking to possibly extend the life of their memory foam mattress with a lot of indented areas or a lack of sufficient support will definitely want a 4-inch thick topper. This will help keep the body straight and aligned more so with its thicker and firmer foam layers giving the maximum amount of cushion available to its user.

Thick cushioned toppers like these are useful in times when the mattress has seen better days but you just don’t want to make an investment as big as purchasing a new mattress.

The Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers

  1. Snug 5 cm/2″ Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    ● 2 inches thick
    ● Machine washable zipped cover
    ● Enhanced body contouring properties
  2. Littens 2″ Double Size Memory Foam Mattress Topper
    ● 2 inches thick
    ● Temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material
    ● Hypoallergenic and dust mite proof
    ● Greater surface area and more breathable
  3. Southern Memory Foam Mattress Topper (Without or With Cover)
    ● 4 inches thick
    ● Luxury fitted removable cover
    ● Delivered tightly rolled
    ● Reversible cover

*without the cover, the topper is 2 inches thick

4. Carousel Luxury Orthopedic Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Mattress Topper
● Special Orthopedic properties
● 30-degree machine washable cover
● 4 inches thick
● Hypoallergenic

5. Lucid Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
● 4 inches thick
● Better airflow technology
● Enhanced breathability

6. ViscoSoft Cooling Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper
● Designed to move trapped body heat
● Gel formulated cooling sensation