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Nectar vs Emma Mattress Review

Without a doubt, one of the most important things that you buy for your home is your mattress. They provide comfort while you sleep and are essential for you to feel refreshed in the morning, which is why a lot of people are happy to invest in a more pricey mattress.

Two of the most popular types of mattresses that people look at are the Nectar and the Emma mattresses. Both of these mattresses are shipped directly to you in a box which is why they are two of the most compared mattresses on the market. 

Choosing between both of these mattresses can be difficult because on the surface they appear very similar to one another. To help you, we’ve taken a look at both the Nectar and the Emma mattress to compare them both and determine which one is the best.

But before we take a look at the pros and cons of these different mattresses, let’s take a look at the companies that produce them. 

Nectar vs Emma 

Before we take a look at whether Nectar or Emma is the more superior mattress, let’s take a look at both of the companies. 

Of the two, there is a bigger chance that you have heard of Emma. This company is a name that is always popping up in the field of mattresses, and one that is constantly winning awards to make their name even more of a household staple. 

Emma is a UK based company that has sold more than a million mattresses worldwide even though the company was only established in 2019. They have multiple endorsements from some of the biggest names in interior and home design and have an excellent reputation among customers for being insanely comfortable and guaranteeing a good night’s sleep. But what exactly is it that makes Emma such a sell-out with customers? We’ll be taking a look shortly. 

But before that, let’s take a look at Nectar. Similarly to Emma, Nectar is another UK-based mattress manufacturer. While Emma was ground-breaking when they started producing their mattresses, Nectar dived into a market that was already well established. Despite this, their popularity rapidly increased, and now Nectar is a household name, just like Emma. 

Both companies have one main focus in the manufacture of their products, and that is comfort. Your mattress is where you sleep and relax so comfort is very much key for you to be happy with your purchase. But a lot of mattress companies focus on comfort, so what is it that makes Nectar and Emma the best on the market? 

Well, it’s not only their design but also the different things that come with purchasing a mattress from one of these companies, including their insane warranty. So now that we have looked at both of these companies, let’s take a look at the mattresses that they sell. 

The Design of the Mattress

We have already mentioned this, but we’ll say it again, the main thing that makes both Nectar and Emma mattresses great is their design and construction. The materials that are used to produce the mattress have a huge impact on the feel of it, the comfort, and also the time that the mattress will last. 

In terms of both design and construction, the Nectar and the Emma mattress are very similar to one another with only one major difference between the two. This is a design difference and it can be found in the layers of memory foam that make up the mattress.

Both the Nectar and the Emma mattress consist of three layers of material, we will have a deeper look at this later on. Of the three layers in the Nectar mattress, two of these are built of memory foam, whereas out of the three layers in the Emma mattress, only one is memory foam. 

But we’ll take a better look at what this difference means later on, for now, let’s take a look at the construction of both mattresses cover. 

The Cover

First, let’s compare the different materials used to produce the cover of the mattress. For some people, this might not seem that important as you almost always add a sheet on top of the mattress before you sleep on it. But, even if you use a sheet, the material of the mattress’s cover is very important for its durability. 

As we have already established, the design of both the Nectar and the Emma mattress is very similar, and this is true of the cover used on both mattresses. Both companies have chosen to use polyester as the cover material and the main reason why seems to lie in the air circulation that polyester can offer.

However, while they are both designed with the same material, the cover of the Emma mattress differs slightly as it is produced with a non-slip element to hold the mattress in place on the frame of your bed. 

Polyester is excellent for air circulation which is vital if you want your mattress to be durable. This material can wick away moisture so that you do not overheat while you are sleeping, allowing you to remain comfortable throughout the night. But even though both the Nectar and Emma mattress use the same cover material, there is a clear winner in this category. 

That is, of course, the Emma mattress. As we have already said, this cover comes with non-slip technology so that your mattress will not move about on the bed.

Not only this, but the Emma mattress cover can also be removed and washed in a washing machine, whereas the Nectar mattress is only suitable for wiping with soapy water (while the cover is still on the mattress). So although they use the same material, the Emma mattress definitely has the upper hand in terms of its cover. 

Layer Materials 

Next, let’s take a look at the layer materials used to create this mattress. We’ve already touched on the layers used in both mattresses, but let’s take a deeper look at the materials used to give these mattresses their comfort. 

In the same way that they were similar in the design of their cover, both the Emma and the Nectar mattress are similar in the layers that make up their mattresses too.

As we have already mentioned, both mattresses come with 3 separate layers of foam to give them their feel, but the types of foam used to make up these layers are where differences seem to emerge in the design of these mattresses. 

First, let’s look at the Nectar mattress. As you already know, this mattress has a higher amount of memory foam in its design than the Emma mattress.

In recent years, memory foam has emerged with lots of popularity because of the comfort that is linked to it. Memory foam mattresses can change shape and fit perfectly to your body, whereas normal foam does not have that ability. This doesn’t necessarily mean that more memory foam means more comfort, but memory foam has been linked to a lot of positive benefits. 

So let’s take a look at the different materials used to make these mattresses. The Nectar mattress consists of three layers and starts with a firm base layer of foam for support.

This base layer is then topped with transition memory foam, which in turn is topped with smart memory foam. The combination of these layers makes it feel like the mattress is holding you closely, but also ensures that you feel supported. 

In contrast, the Emma mattress begins with a base layer which is topped with memory foam. The top layer of the Emma mattress is made of Airgocell which is a material that is unique to Emma. This material uses air pockets to increase the circulation of the design and make the mattress more breathable. 

Just like when we were looking at the cover of the mattress, there seems to be a clear winner in terms of the layers. This award is going to the Nectar mattress purely because of the larger memory foam ratio which comes with lots of benefits in terms of comfort and health. Additionally, this mattress has a higher weight capacity than the Emma mattress which is why it is the winner, in terms of layers. 


Finally, let’s compare the firmness of both of these types of mattresses. When you first think of a mattress, your brain might immediately jump to soft because softness is linked with comfort. However, when you really think about it, softness isn’t actually what you need for your mattress to be comfy. Instead, you need support and this comes from the firmness of the mattress itself. 

Of course, some people will prefer an incredibly soft mattress, while others will prefer a very hard mattress which is why a scale was devised to measure the firmness of mattresses. This scale measures from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the firmest.

As you would expect from what we have already looked at with the mattresses, both the Emma and the Nectar mattress have a similar measurement on the firmness scale. Both of these mattresses measure 6.5 on the scale which is a fairly middle measurement, this might be what partly contributes to their popularity among consumers. 

In the United Kingdom, most people want a mattress that measures fairly central on the firmness scale but leans slightly to the firmer end. This is why both of these companies have proven so successful as they have both designed mattresses that cater exactly to what their main customer base wants.

There will obviously be people who think both of these mattresses are either too firm or not firm enough, but for the majority of people, they will be perfect. 

As they have an identical measurement on this scale, it is impossible to say whether the Nectar or Emma mattress performs better in terms of firmness. So let’s take a look at all the different things that make these mattresses great to determine which is the best.  

Which is the Best?

As you will be able to tell by looking at the build of both mattresses, it is very difficult to determine whether the Nectar or the Emma mattress is better. 

When we looked at the covers of the mattresses, Emma seemed like the obvious winner. But then we looked at the layers of the mattress, and it seemed like Nectar was going to come out on top.

With both mattresses measuring the same on the firmness scale, it is impossible to say that one is better than the other in terms of its build and design. So let’s take a look at some of the other things that could tip the scale. 

One of the key selling points for both mattresses is the warranty and trial period that they offer. Most people will find a new mattress uncomfortable when they first sleep on it, and so it is good that both companies offer you a trial period to allow you to decide if the mattress is a good fit for you. 

Of the two options, Nectar offers the superior trial period as this company allows you to use the mattress for a year before you have to decide if it is right for you. That’s 365 days of your back getting used to a new mattress. Even though Emma offers a shorter trial period, they still allow you to use the mattress for 200 days before you have to decide if it is good, so both options give you plenty of trial time. 

But the one thing that seems to swing the verdict is the warranty that both companies offer. In the current time, warranty is vitally important to people as it allows you to have faults with your purchase sorted out without you incurring any costs.

Warranty is especially important with high-value purchases and expensive buys, such as both of these mattresses. Again, the Nectar mattress comes out on top in terms of the warranty as this company offers ‘forever’ warranty. But you shouldn’t disregard the Emma mattress, as this product also comes with a lengthy warranty of 10 years. 

So purely on an objective level, it appears that the Nectar mattress would be the better choice. However, we understand that different factors might sway your choice so we have put together this quick list of selling points for each mattress. 

You should Buy a Nectar Mattress if:

  • Memory foam is important to your comfort. 
  • You want a lengthy trial period and the constant support of warranty. 
  • Durability is important for you and you want the mattress to support larger weights. 

You should Buy an Emma Mattress if:

  • You prefer balance to memory foam for sleeping. 
  • You care about awards and endorsements from leading people in the field. 
  • You want to be able to wash your mattress effortlessly. 


In short, both the Nectar and Emma mattresses are excellent choices. They are fairly similar in their design which is why it is difficult to choose between them, but objectively the Nectar mattress has to come out on top. However, you should look at the key differences between the mattresses to determine which you value the most before making a purchase.