What are the advantages of a Hybrid Mattress

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Hybrid mattresses are the new trending mattress on the sleep market. When we think of hybrid, what comes to mind? Hybrid animals or hybrid cars. Essentially the word hybrid involves combining two or more objects to create a new and essentially superior product that captures the benefits of both worlds without carrying over the negatives.

The hybrid mattress is popular and for good reason. Its comfort and quality support have grabbed the attention of people who just want a good night’s sleep. With so many mattress types going around, sometimes it’s hard to understand what their specific benefits are especially in comparison to other brands. This will clear up any misconceptions and provide a thorough overview of just how good sleep can be.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?
The hybrid mattress says it all in its name. This type of mattress combines the support of an innerspring system and the well-known comfort of memory foam.

Contents of a Hybrid Mattress
The hybrid mattress seeks to combine the best features of pocket spring and memory foam mattresses. In the hybrid mattress, there are 4 layers within the inside. Each of these layers plays its own role in creating the perfect sleep surface.

The Foam Base Layer
Any mattress labeled as “hybrid” features springs and has a cushioned layer above it. The material for this softer layer varies from brand to brand, but it will always be some type of latex, polyfoam, or memory foam.

The foam layer also poses as the stabilized base that the other 3 layers will rest upon. The cushioned layer is the thickest one as it needs to be strong enough to hold the weight of several people but remain flexible enough to meet the body’s contouring shape.

In most circumstances, the foam layer base is made of polyurethane foam, the same material used to make up the structure of memory foam mattresses. Polyurethane foam has the best record for its evenly matched ratio of firmness to softness. It will be subject to a lot of compression, so it’s crucial that there is a heavy load bearing capacity.

Polyurethane foam is a very sturdy and durable material. It does not scratch or gets worn down as much as other foams do. This type of foam is resistant to water, mold, mildew, and greasy or oily materials. As a mattress base, these qualities are very important to the durability and quality of a hybrid mattress.

The Innerspring Layer
● 6-7 inches high

The innerspring layer rests right on top of the foam base support layer. Innersprings within a hybrid mattress are what create the bouncing and springy surface action that we all love.
As far as the springs go, hybrid mattresses consist of individually wrapped pocket coils. These coils are stacked vertically in a layer, and as the pocket sprung mattresses, help to reduce the amount of movement that other users might feel.

Because of the pocket spring styled coils, this gives the hybrid mattress the benefits of a pocket spring mattress too. Pocket spring mattresses are well known for being very motion transfer-friendly. The placement of the coils provide a sense of relaxation and place comfort on the various pressure points in your body.

The spine will feel at ease during the night and those areas that constantly feel stiff in the morning will finally get that sense of relief we’ve all been wanting. The way the pocket springs are positioned also help the mattress withstand the impact of any object that sinks or lands heavily on its surface. There is strength found in this layer from the even distribution of springs inside.

The Cooling Comfort Layer
● 3-4 inches high

One of the perks of combining the two different mattresses is that you experience the benefits of each without the uncomfortable attributes.

Memory foam mattresses have always had problems with their users running hot at night and waking up feeling sweaty and irritable. The hybrid mattress has it taken care of with an additional layer of cooling material. Components like gel or graphite copper material do not store heat as easily and will slow down the transfer of body heat into the mattress.

The comfort layer is next in line above the pocket spring coil system. The purpose of the “comfort” layer gives the mattress a body contouring feel that doesn’t quite make you feel too much pressure on all sides. You will feel luxurious and completely at peace when sitting on a hybrid mattress. The materials in this layer are both lightweight and cushiony. The cooling feel combats any of the heat your body will give off during the night.

The same cooling properties exist in the innerspring layer of the hybrid because of the space in between the individually wrapped coils. More airflow is circulated around in the mattress, giving you the best of both worlds.

The Pillow Top Layer
● Not offered with all manufacturers
● About one-inch height
● Top most layer
● Made of latex, fiber fill, cotton, or wool

Pros of a Hybrid Mattress
At this point, the hybrid mattress sounds like a dream come true. Of course, as they are a newer model in the mattress market, there is most likely less confidence in their abilities. This comprehensive list shares the endless benefits of this hybrid bed.

Bouncing Bed
Who doesn’t love a springy, bounce back bed? Either it’s your kids who love the bed for its trampoline-like qualities, or your partner who has that nervous excitement and takes comfort in rocking back and forth on the mattress. The hybrid mattresses inner coils and bouncy foam is strong enough to bounce back from any physical activity that may take place on the bed.

Body Embracing Build
Memory foam mattresses are known to have that amazing body contouring property that people are rather fond of. Of course, the memory foam mattress is made entirely of that squishy material, and some people are less responsive to a mattress that bugs them too much.

With the added layer of pocket springs, there is more stabilizing support underneath and yields a significant difference in the amount of foam available to sink into.

Cool Conditions
Mattress manufacturers considered the heating properties of memory foam and added in a layer of noticeably cooler filling such as gel or latex. This cooling layer is found closer to the surface of the mattress where it will be in the most direct contact with the competing heat-producing object: your body.

The other half of this hybrid mix is the pocket spring mattress. One of the well known benefits of this type are the amount of airflow that is able to circulate in and out of its individual coils.

There’s a Built In Pillow!
If your hybrid mattress manufacturer has included the top pillow layer, then you can stand to reduce the ranks of the pillow army living on your bed. Let’s face it, whether it be for decoration or head support, pillows are a very prominent part of the bed. Those big fancy pillows are nice to look at but definitely aren’t the most comfortable for your neck and back.

A pillow top layer is soft enough to support your head comfortably although it should never replace the common bed pillow. It can, however, take the place of your big puffy decorative pillows that you had thrown on for added support.

Cons of a Hybrid Mattress
With all its benefits, there are unfortunately some less desirable traits. These may or may not force you to reconsider your purchase, but it should be known that the hybrid can be more accessible to some people over others.

A hybrid mattress is a newer type of mattress which may explain its higher price, but regardless of timing, it is significantly more than most other types of mattresses.
If you are on a budget or have financial limits to what you can purchase, there most likely are cheaper options, but the best option would be to invest in another type of mattress.

Bulky and Heavy
With memory foam being a significantly heavier material, the combination of innersprings, foam, and other material leaves the mattress being considerably dense.

If you as the buyer are not as strong or comfortable with handling such a massive item, ask for assistance in the delivery and placement of the hybrid in your bedroom. Hybrid mattresses do not need to be rotated or flipped like other mattresses recommend, but in the case of moving or rearranging, get assistance.

Top-Rated Hybrid Mattresses
Like any other product out there, tons of brands are selling their hybrid mattresses as “the best product offered” on the market. There are always extremely well-known brands that just seem to make the most durable and comfortable product. Here are a few of the top reviewed hybrid mattresses:

  1. Nymex Hybrid Memory Foam Mattress UK made
    ● King-sized mattress
    ● Eight inches thick
    ● Memory foam surface
    ● Medium-firm to offer a good, supportive surface
    ● 1,000 pocket springs built into the structure
    ● Reactive fresh cover to keep the surface cool
  2. Simba Hybrid Mattress
    ● Layers designed to support seven key areas of your body
    ● Symbatex top layer to keep the mattress surface cool to the touch
    ● Available in several sizes for any bedroom
    ● Fits on all types of bed frames
    ● 100-night trial guarantee
  3. Dormeo Double Hybrid Mattress with Cotton
    ● Breathable air mesh sides
    ● 2.5 centimetres of memory foam
    ● Air mesh and latex
    ● Medium firmness
  4. Hybrid Coolblue Memory Foam Sprung Mattress
    ● King-sized
    ● Medium firmness
    ● Vacuum sealed for easy delivery
    ● Pillow quilted cover that is breathable
    ● 13.5 gauge pocket spring layer
  5. Premium Hybrid Foam Pocket Sprung Mattress
    ● Hypoallergenic
    ● 9 zone mattress
    ● Includes coconut fibres that are light and help circulate air around inside the mattress
    ● A product apart of the Eco series line: designed with the environment in mind
    ● Removable pillow-like cover
    ● Medium firmness